Meet the Team

Our people bring passion, leadership and drive to everything we do.

Our people don’t just stand out, they stand up:
for the right thing, for our agent and agency clients, and for an industry that works better for everyone involved—and we have fun doing it!

Josh Borders is the CEO of Senior Market Advisors, a Medicare FMO.
Josh Borders
Tiffany Porter is the Director of Business Development for Senior Market Advisors, a Medicare FMO.
Tiffany Porter
EVP, Business Development
Drew Gurley
Drew Gurley
EVP, Growth
Andy Watkins Senior Market Advisors
Andy Watkins
EVP, Distribution
Traci Walker
EVP, Data & Analytics
Vinny Cardi
EVP, Finance, M&A
B2B Sales
Keith Hinson
Senior Account Manager
Anthem Medicare FMO
Cassie Smith
VP of Sales and Account Development
Adam Witmer
Account Manager
Logan Abernathy
Reporting Manager
Casey Scannell
Account Manager Support Specialist
Mike Grossheim
Account Manager Support Specialist
Michael Kisak
Account Manager
Jeremy Tingler
Account Manager
Denise Ybarra
Senior Account Manager
Edith Sallard
Recruitment Manager
Baylie Blandeburgo
Account Manager
Claire McNabb Portrait
Claire McNabb
Compliance Support
Glenn Anderson
Compliance Manager
Henry Goldsmith
Integration Manager, M&A
Joe Hastings
IT Manager
Dan Holland
Senior Direct of Operations
Donald Mbanya
Salesforce Administrator
Julie Richards
Data Analyst
Tanya Lenker
Accounting Specialist
Sam Gates
Manager of Business Operations
Ellie Sneed
Operations Administrative Support
Whitney McQueen
Senior Director of Commissions,& Contracting
Shannon Anderson
Commissions Analyst
Andrew Groshans
Senior Manager of Commissions
Annie Cobb
Commissions Analyst
Sonya Nelson
Contracting Manager
Lora Evans
Director of Contracting
Trent Smith
Contracting Manager
Shanna Alberson
Contracting Specialist

Serious Fun.

We work hard to make your day a huge success—and still find plenty of time to play hard, too.

Friendly Competition

Cornhole tournaments, nerf battles, and kickball keep us on our toes!

Hoverboard Sightings

Our Founder & Chairman has been known to hop on a hoverboard to zip around the office!

Virtual Team Bonding

From happy hours to trivia, we are always looking for new ways to bond with our teammates whether that be virtually or in-office.