Errors & Omissions Insurance

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

One question that comes up a lot from many P&C agents is what exactly is errors and omissions insurance, and do I need it? Errors and Omissions insurance is essentially coverage for any work of yours that was inaccurate, late, or never delivered. Another term for errors and omissions insurance is professional liability insurance.  To […]

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How to Sell Life Insurance | Senior Market Advisors

How to Sell Life Insurance

How do you successfully sell life insurance? First things first you need to pass your state mandated life insurance licensing exam. From there you’re officially licensed to sell life insurance as a full time career! For those who are interested in selling life insurance part time, the industry allows for you to have an extremely […]

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Sell Medicare By Phone | Senior Market Advisors

Ultimate Guide to Selling Medicare Over the Phone

Many younger Baby Boomers have used the internet for their entire adult lives, so it makes sense that 40 percent of seniors use smartphones. Since Baby Boomers readily familiarize themselves with technology, you should make your phone a huge component of your overall marketing and sales strategy. Many of your prospects may actually prefer to […]

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New Medicare.Gov Tools

How Insurance Agents Should Use the New Medicare.Gov Medicare Plan Finder Tool

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard by now that released a new Medicare Plan Finder tool late this summer. This was the first time the tool has been updated in a decade, which is crazy considering how fast technology moves.  What’s new with Medicare.Gov’s Medicare Plan Finder?’s new […]

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UHC Plan Sanction 2019

UnitedHealthcare Plan Sanctioned for 2020

CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) has certain rules and regulations in place for beneficiary protection. Sometimes, CMS has to issue sanctions against health plans. While sanctions don’t necessarily indicate that a plan is bad, it can indicate that they broke a rule.  One of the major CMS “rules” for health plans is that […]

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