How To Start Preparing For AEP Today

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How To Start Preparing For AEP Today | Senior Market Advisors

How To Start Preparing For AEP Today

AEP is less than two months away! If you haven’t already started preparing, you’re behind. These are the things you need to do and need to know before October hits and you get significantly busier.

Stay Organized & Set Goals

If you’re unorganized during AEP, you’re setting a death trap. Get yourself aligned NOW. Find a good planner or calendar. Mark important dates and set up a system to keep yourself organized. Set and WRITE DOWN your goals in a place that you’ll see every day so you can constantly be reminded of the hard work that you’ve already done and what needs to happen.

Be A Marketer

You’re not just a sales agent, you’re a marketer. That’s true not just during AEP, but all year long. If you don’t market yourself and the products you’re selling, you won’t find leads, and if you don’t find leads, you won’t have anybody to sell to. One way to do that is through digital content marketing (social media, blogs, websites, etc.). You can also practice building partnerships, hosting seminars, and marketing through “old-school” methods like hanging flyers in Medicare eligible and senior residences and publishing print ads.

Client Retention

Don’t forget that AEP is NOT only about finding new clients. It’s almost MORE about retention because AEP is the 54-day period where your clients can FINALLY make changes to the plan they’ve been annoyed with all year. In the months leading up to AEP (like now), you should be contacting your existing clients to see if they are happy with their plan and ask if they would like to meet with you to discuss the changes they can make at the end of the year. Maybe they’d like to purchase an additional ancillary plan, like a cancer policy? This brings us to cross-selling.


Cross-selling is the act of selling one client multiple products (like a Medicare plan in addition to an ancillary plan, such as a cancer or life insurance policy). With Medicare, there are very specific rules involving cross-selling. Mainly, you cannot sell one client two plans on the same day, and you cannot discuss more than one type of plan without written consent. If you have an appointment with a client, you have to fill out a Scope Of Appointment (SOA) form which lists the types of products that you intend to discuss. Your client must agree to those terms. If the client decides that they would like to discuss cancer policies, but you did not list cancer policies on the SOA form, you’ll have to inform your client that you cannot discuss that until a later appointment is set.

Make sure you are licensed to sell ancillary products with your carriers!

AEP Checklist 

Now that you know the basics for jumping into AEP, are you ready to sell?

  1. Get Certified – Legally, you cannot sell Medicare plans until you are certified with AHIP.
  2. Get Contracted – Insurance carriers do not allow you to sell their plans until you sign their contracts. You can eContract with Senior Market Advisors today, through
  3. Gather Information & Supplies – Order informative packets and marketing materials from the carriers that you have contracts with and/or your FMO. They’ll help you better promote your services and guide your clients in the right direction.
  4. Organize Your Leads & Referrals – Before you get out there and start seeing clients, have all of your lead and client information organized in a safe place. Make sure you comment on your leads after appointments to remember what you discussed and what products you sold.

Are you looking for a field marketing organization that can guide you through AEP in a breeze? SMA will help fund your marketing efforts and guide you to stronger leads!

If you want us to help you through AEP, you need to contract with us NOW. To get started, visit

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