All About AHIP Certification

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All About AHIP Certification | Senior Market Advisors

All About AHIP Certification

How much do you know about AHIP certification? AHIP, America’s Health Insurance Plans, is a national trade association with 1300+ member companies. Each member company sells health insurance under AHIP’s guidelines. Therefore, if you want to sell Medicare, you will have to become AHIP certified and renew your certification each year.

What is AHIP certification?

AHIP certification means that you have completed all of AHIP’s Federal Marketplace training. The training will give you a deep understanding of:

  • The health insurance industry
  • Health care management
  • Medicare and Medicaid
  • Ancillary insurance
  • Customer service
  • Related information technology
  • FWA (fraud, waste, and abuse)
  • Other legalities, regulations, and compliance

Why do I need AHIP certification?

Even if you’ve already signed your carrier contracts and signed on with an FMO, you won’t be legally allowed to sell Medicare Advantage plans without AHIP certification. Statistically, Medicare Advantage plans are one of the most common solutions for Medicare clients to expand their coverage. If you can’t sell Medicare Advantage, you’ll lose a huge number of sales to someone who can.

Yearly renewal is required because Medicare and Medicaid rules and guidelines are subject to change every year. Changes are based on the current market and politics surrounding health care as well as CMS rules and regulations.

How do I get AHIP certified?

You can register for AHIP online education here, for $125. Since you’ll have to be certified each year, you can take a refresher course for just $75 if you think you need it before recertification. Some carriers offer discounts if you complete your certification through them, so check with the carriers you usually sell with before signing up directly through AHIP.

For additional fees, you can take individual AHIP-hosted courses before you take your test.

When can I get AHIP certified?

While you can begin studying the basics at any time, regulations change so often that it is best to wait until mid-summer, when certification for the following year opens up. Even if you complete your 2017 certification in March, you will have to recertify for 2018 in late summer/early fall.

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