Sales Tracking: Making The Most Of Your Resources

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Sales Tracking: Making The Most Of Your Resources | Senior Market Advisors

Sales Tracking: Making The Most Of Your Resources

Are you keeping a good record of your clients and the sales you make? It’s important to stay organized and hang on to this information. It’ll help you see your progress and stay in-the-know for when it’s time to meet with your clients again.

How can you do this?

Having a great FMO behind you is a great step. At Senior Market Advisors, you’ll be able to input data from your appointments into our CRM system, which allows us to keep a close eye on leads, sales, and progress – ultimately helping you. If you don’t have an FMO, there are still plenty of ways for you to keep organized records on your own.

Record-Keeping Tips

  1. After leaving a scheduled appointment, jot down notes about what happened or didn’t happen in the meeting. Did you make a sale? Was the client interested in purchasing from you at a later date? Did the client not show up at all? These are all important items that you may need help remembering later.
  2. Keep all client data in one convenient storage place. Keep any physical forms and data in an organized file (alphabetized, dated, etc.). Use Google Sheets or a Microsoft Excel document to completely customize your data. Alternatively, find a CRM software. They are designed to track business-consumer relations and usually include a “report” function.
  3. Use privacy and protection options whenever possible. To adhere to compliance and prevent client’s personal information from reaching the wrong hands, keep your data under different password protections and in locked drawers.

If you are partnered with a field marketing organization, make sure you are reporting detailed information about all calls, appointments, and sales. Keeping well-organized records will benefit you, your FMO, and your clients.

Anastasia Iliou
Anastasia Iliou
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