Episode 12: 2020 AEP Preparation Checklist

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In Episode 12, we discuss 2020 AEP Preparation and the features of Anthem’s new AI-driven member app called K Health. K Health uses years of anonymous health data to offer members answers to simple questions related to their health. Members can also chat with doctors via the app.

Next we dive into AEP preparation. SMA put together a preparation checklist outlining 5 important areas to focus on prior to October 15 to ensure a successful AEP! In each area we break down some questions you should be asking yourself as you prepare for this AEP. It’s never too early to start preparing so get started today!

Today’s AEP Preparation: 

  1. Set Goals
    • Have you researched the carriers and products available in your market?
    • Have you set goals for AEP and written them down?
  2. Become Ready to Sell
    • Are you ready to sell with all the carriers you want to sell this AEP?
    • How many carriers are you contracted with?
    • How many certifications do you have to complete?
  3. Know Your Products
    • Have you attended webinars and/or trainings to learn the 2020 benefits for each carrier you are contracted with?
    • Do you know how to use carrier portals and tools?
  4. Order Supplies
    • Don’t wait to order supplies!
    • Do you know how to order supplies from each carrier?
    • How long does the process take from order date to fulfillment?
  5. Market Yourself
    • Do you market your services? If so, how? What’s working?
    • How many tools do you use to market yourself?

With all this talk of AEP preparation, it’s easy to feel stressed out. Jessica and Sarah end the podcast on a positive note by discussing how SMA de-stresses during our busy season: a company cornhole tournament! Want to be featured on the podcast? Share your story with us at www.seniormarketadvisors.com/podcast.

Like what you heard on today’s podcast and want to download the 2020 AEP Preparation Checklist? DOWNLOAD HERE.

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