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Episode 16

The Golden Arches of Sales

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Get a taste of Senior Market Advisors! Sit down with CEO Brandon Clay to learn about SMA’s mission and how we serve insurance agents like you!
episode 1
The SMA DNA is just different. Join Brandon as he discusses how SMA stands out through innovation, technology, and philanthropy!
episode 2
In this video, Brandon Clay takes on the role of mad scientist! Be transformed into the ultimate salesperson as Brandon begins to explain the science of sales!
episode 3
Drink the Kool-Aid and tune in for Part Two of The Science of Selling. Brandon Clay may be playing the role of a mad scientist, but he knows what he’s talking about. This isn’t a science experiment. These practical sales tips work and will transform you and your business!
episode 4
Mindset is everything! Sales takes brains and brawn. Join Brandon Clay as he reviews strategies to stay motivated, sell more, and become the ultimate salesperson!
episode 5
Your mom said it growing up and now Brandon Clay is reminding you - treat others the way you want to be treated. This is a great tip for life, but it also applies to sales. Learn the golden rule of sales by watching this video!
episode 6
It’s no coincidence that salespeople have two ears and one mouth! Active listening is one of the most important skills you can have as a salesperson. Listen to this video and Brandon Clay will show you why!
episode 7
In this video Brandon Clay recaps qualities of the ultimate salesperson. Join and review all the parts you need to build yourself into the ultimate selling machine!
episode 8
Brandon is back on the road meeting with sales professionals around the country. As he’s talked to these salespeople, he’s noticed a theme. One common refrain he hears is the need to recover what’s been lost. Lost focus, ambition, and passion can be discouraging and detrimental to your business. However, those feelings are more common than you may think. Tune in to reignite your passion for sales, and gain back what you’ve lost!
episode 9
Brandon Clay recounts a family memory that taught him, and his son, a life lesson. It’s a lesson that has helped Brandon realign himself during times of discouragement and he hopes it will do the same for you. Be inspired and reignite your passion for selling!
episode 10
Everyone loses their mojo, it’s part of the human experience. What makes you extraordinary is fighting back! Don’t make a permanent assessment of your life based on a temporary feeling. Tune in as Brandon Clay shares the first 10 of 50 ways to get your mojo back. In this episode of SMA Sales Crumbs, Brandon will focus on diagnosing why you’re mojo may be running low.
episode 11
For most jobs, lost mojo is just challenging. You can fake it until it gets better all while hiding in a sea of thousands of employees. Lost mojo in sales is different. There’s nowhere to hide and nowhere to run. The whole operation depends on you. Brandon gets it, which is why he’s reviewing 50 ways to get your mojo back. In this episode he’ll cover number 11-20.
episode 12
Brandon Clay is back with more ways to get your mojo back. In this episode, Brandon discusses 21-30 of the 50 ways to get your mojo back. Even the best insurance agents can burn out! Reconnect to yourself and get back what’s yours. Watch now!
episode 13
The world can feel circular and cyclical. At times it may seem like you’re at the same crossroads, but you’re actually on a different level. In this episode, Brandon Clay reviews 31-40 of the 50 ways to get your mojo back. Accept the challenge, watch the video, and level up in your sales career.
episode 14
Do you feel that? It’s your mojo coming back! Mojo lives on a steady diet of commitment. In the last episode of 50 Ways to Get Your Mojo Back, Brandon is going to lead you through a series of commitments, reinforced by quotes from people who have lived it.
episode 15
In this SMA Sales Crumbs episode, Brandon Clay shares a lesson he learned after promising his kids a visit to McDonalds. Their journey to the Golden Arches seemed to embody life’s challenges of keeping the faith and staying strong in the face of delayed victories. Life’s lessons tend to materialize in unexpected ways. Watch now to learn what two kids and a McDonalds have to do with sales!
episode 16