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Health Insurance Training: Best Centers & Guides

Health Insurance Training: Best Centers & Guides

As you’ve probably discovered by now, the health insurance industry is heavily saturated, as is the health insurance training market. We’ve sorted through it all and found the best centers and guides for you to receive the training you need to prepare for your certification test.

We are also working on a training system of our own, appropriately titled “SMA University,” designed specifically for our Medicare agents to find the education they need.

AHIP Certification

Have you read through our guide to AHIP certification? Training for your AHIP certification is vital. The test isn’t free, and you can’t just take it any day, so it’s important that you are prepared on the day you sign up to take the test. Additionally, if you manage to pass your certification test without training, you will have missed out on valuable information that can improve your sales success ratings and your overall career and career happiness. Luckily, there are hundreds of books out there on the subject as well as countless training programs that you can attend either physically or virtually.

Training Guides & Helpful Books

The best training you’ll find is directly through AHIP. AHIP hosts several different training courses for all the insurance sales information you could ever need or imagine needing. However, depending on your current budget, you may opt to check out some additional books and helpful guides. If you do decide to purchase or borrow educational materials, make sure you check their publication dates. Some things will stay the same, but many details will change, and you’ll need the most updated information you can find.

AHIP provides their own educational guides here:

  1. Federal Marketplace Training
  2. Insurance Education
  3. Medicare/FWA (Fraud, Waste, and Abuse) Training
  4. Medicare Compliance

There are several helpful books in the marketplace that include practice tests and can help you feel comfortable with answering specific questions. Many of them are cheaper than college textbooks! Here are some that we found:

  1. Practice Exam Kit – $40 for Kindle
  2. Medicare For Dummies (most recent edition) – $12 on Amazon
  3. Medicare For Beginners (consumer facing; can help you learn to explain Medicare) – $2.99 for Kindle
  4. Secrets of Successful Insurance Sales (while it was written in 1986, sales advice is forever) – $15 on Amazon

Coming Soon: SMA University

SMA University will be our comprehensive guide for agents new and old. It will include videos, modules, and information for everything from compliance to partnerships. Stay tuned for more information!

If you haven’t already, visit our contracting page to get started with SMA. If you join our new FMO model, you’ll have more access to training seminars, videos, and marketing materials to help you grow your business and gain leads.