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Selling Medicare To Veterans

By  Senior Market Advisors  on October 18, 2017

Selling Medicare To Veterans

Most veterans have access to free or almost-free health care through the VA. Still, veterans over the age of 65 can benefit from Medicare. That means you still have an opportunity to sell. VA care is limited to providers who accept VA treatment. Therefore, having Medicare coverage will expand their doctor network and provide supplemental coverage opportunities. Is Medicare for Veterans in your book of business?

VA Eligibility 

Almost everyone who has served in active military duty is eligible for VA benefits. Those who were dishonorably discharged or were only active through training are excluded. Since 1980, a serviceman must serve for 24 continuous months or for the full time for which he was called to active duty (or be honorably discharged) to be eligible. The VA encourages all servicemen and women to apply because there are so many exceptions. Your clients eligible for benefits they didn’t even know they were eligible for. The VA states that some veterans can receive “enhanced eligibility” if they:

  • Were a POW (prisoner of war)
  • Received the Purple Heart Medal or the Medal of Honor
  • Have a service-connected disability of 10% or more
  • Hold a VA pension
  • Discharged from service for a disability
  • Served in a Theater of Operations for 5 years after discharge
  • Served in Vietnam (1962-1975)
  • Service in the Persian Gulf (1990-1998)
  • Spent 30+ days at Camp Lejeune (1953-1987)
  • Have a catastrophic disability
  • Have a household income below the VA’s National Income

VA Benefits

Some veterans may have to pay a copay for doctor visits and prescription drugs, but others may receive free appointments. Others may also be able to enroll in a family plan. The VA hosts a descriptive list of covered services including but not limited to STD treatment, women’s health, mental health, military exposures, polytrauma, rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries, and telehealth. Hence, the VA provides plenty of health coverage, but it’s limited to VA care only. Beneficiaries can’t just see any doctor.


Similar to VA, Tricare is available to retired service members and those who are discharged for disease or disability. Some Veterans are eligible for both VA benefits and Tricare. Generally, the VA provides more coverage but Tricare provides more flexibility. Tricare coverage can include care received in a VA facility. This comparison sheet from Tricare shows the differences. To enroll in Tricare, you must already have Medicare Part A and B.

Medicare For Veterans

Whether a veteran wants Tricare, VA coverage, or some other form of a private health care plan, they’ll benefit from Medicare. You can start selling Medicare plans to veterans today.