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Medicare Sales Tips From Our Agent Advisor

By  Senior Market Advisors  on September 19, 2018

Struggling to close a sale? Looking for the best of the best sales tips? Well, look no further! Our Senior Director of Field Sales, Keith Hinson, has created a list of his top insurance sales tips. With over 15 years of experience as an insurance sales executive, he knows a thing or two about how to close a sale.

Don’t prove the client wrong

No one likes to be told they are wrong. Put yourself in the beneficiary’s shoes. Medicare coverage can be confusing and overwhelming. If a beneficiary makes an incorrect comment there is no need to prove them wrong. Instead, you should provide them with the accurate information in a polite and professional manner. You should never correct a beneficiary, but rather inform.

Look for items in the house to create a connection with them

Sometimes all it takes is one small connection to quickly form a relationship with a potential beneficiary. Do they have pictures of their family? Do they have any travel mementos lying around? Ask questions! People love to talk about the great people and memories in their life. You will be surprised at how much this conversation can mean to beneficiaries. They have lived a long life so look around for clues on what to ask!

Avoid the topics of politics and religion

You are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions, but there is a time and place when you can openly discuss them. A sales appointment is not the right time. In order to avoid potential conflict, simply dismiss the topics of politics and religion altogether. However, we understand that Medicare is directly impacted by political decisions. If a beneficiary chooses to discuss their opinions on the political environment, simply try to shift the direction of the conversation in an unbiased way.

Start with the most expensive product and work your way down

Have you heard of  “the contrast effect?” Essentially, this concept explains how you can make a price seem like a better deal. For example, imagine there is a computer on sale for $400. If you place a computer for $1000 next to it, $400 suddenly seems like a much better deal. You can use this same concept for selling Medicare coverage. By starting with the most expensive products, other plans will seem much more affordable!

Only sell the products/plans you’re passionate about

It’s hard to sell something that you wouldn’t buy yourself. Are you passionate about what you’re selling? Do you sell more than one carrier? If your answer is no, it’s important to re-evaluate. Why should beneficiaries buy something you wouldn’t want to buy for yourself or your family?

It’s no question that Medicare can be confusing. Beneficiaries are trusting you to provide them with the best information possible. At Senior Market Advisors, you can contract with almost every carrier in your state! Ready to contract? Visit to start digitally contracting, or click here to get in touch with one of our agent advisors.