How To Sell Health Insurance

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How To Sell Health Insurance | Senior Market Advisors

How To Sell Health Insurance

At this point, we’ve covered everything from the popularity of Medicare Advantage to the best sales podcasts to listen to, but we haven’t actually explained the best practices for selling health insurance in the first place. Today, we aim to explain this seemingly simple concept: how to sell health insurance.

Selling Health Insurance Is Hard

We’ll start by stating the obvious: selling health insurance is hard. However, it doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to navigate it. The main reason it’s hard is because you’re selling a confusing product. You’re not walking into someone’s home and trying to sell knives. People (hopefully) know how knives work, but they don’t necessarily know how health insurance works. Your clients are going to be immediately skeptical before you even start talking.

It’s also hard because it’s an expensive commitment. Again, you’re not selling knives. A nice set of knives can be expensive, but it’s also a one-time purchase that you can use forever. Health insurance, on the other hand, comes with an expensive monthly payment that you’ll have to hang on to for at least a year (in most cases).

How To Make It Easier

You need to act as more of an advisor than a salesman. If you truly try to sell health insurance, well, you may not sell it. However, if you try to advise your clients and point them in the right direction, you might just close more sales. You’ll need to focus on asking the right questions and figuring out what your client’s needs are before you even present any solutions. You can agree with them that yes, healthcare is confusing, and that’s why you’re there. You can help them navigate their options and figure out which one is really best for their needs. You are not selling, you are providing a service.

Get Marketing Help

As an insurance salesperson, you have an endless number of daily tasks. You have to find the people to sell to, call them and schedule appointments, sit with them for at least an hour (probably more), and when you’re done, you still have to follow up with them. Plus, you have to renew your certifications every year. We can help you with the marketing aspect of your job so you can focus on the actual selling part.

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