6 FAQs About Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs)

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FAQs About Field Marketing Organizations | Senior Market Advisors

6 FAQs About Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs)

What is a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) and why is it such a big deal? Many agents are confused about how FMOs work and don’t understand their appeal. This list should answer some of your questions and help you understand what the hype is all about.

Q: What is an FMO?

A: A Field Marketing Organization offers many benefits to insurance agents and strives to make their job easier. Every FMO offers something different. Here at Senior Market Advisors, we offer many different marketing and sales benefits that will help you be the best agent you can possibly be.

Q: What is the FMO’s responsibilities?

A: The main objective of a quality FMO is to provide excellent communication. This could be in the form of marketing to generate leads, or it could be sales training for the agent. Great communication is vital to make sure everyone is up to date with the various amendments in the industry.

Q: What about compensation?

A: Since we offer the highest possible contract levels available in the industry, we offer top-level commissions based on production.

Q: Why shouldn’t I contract through a carrier directly?

A: Working with the right FMO gives you the opportunity to become contracted with multiple carriers instead of just one. In most cases, agents earn higher compensation rates with FMOs compared to contracting directly with the carrier. Plus, when working with an FMO you gain sales training and marketing support.

Q: If I contract with Senior Market Advisors what’s in it for me?

A: Top tier commissions, leads generated for you, and print mailers at a reduced cost (sometimes no cost at all depending on production).

Q: What do I need to do to affiliate with Senior Market Advisors?

A: Contact Senior Market Advisors at 1-844-452-5020 and ask to speak to an Agency Advisor.

Now I hope you understand why contracting with an FMO is such a big deal! More money, more contracts, what’s not to like? Can’t wait to get started? Contract with us today and make Senior Market Advisors your home for success!

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