Episode 22

OEP Prep – An Agent’s Guide

Prepare for Open Enrollment Period (OEP) with Episode 22! We start off this podcast talking about what to expect for traditional Medicare plans in the New Year. It looks like there will be a few price increases in 2020, however there is good news too! We then go on to discuss the basics of OEP. […]

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Episode 18

Ben Newman on How to Be a Top Performer

In Episode 18, Sarah and Jessica interview Performance Coach, Ben Newman. Senior Market Advisors has been working with Ben Newman for a few months and we knew that his knowledge needed to be shared with our listeners. He has been working with SMA leadership and employees to help our company improve through successfully growing and […]

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Episode 15

How to Market Yourself on Social Media

Episode 15 is all about how to market yourself on social media. By subscribing to this podcast, you’ll also get access to our e-Book titled: “Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents” which goes into greater detail on how to market yourself using social media.  We begin this episode by discussing something exciting that FitBit has […]

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Episode 14

4 Sales Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeeper

In Episode 14, we go through four sales tips to get past the gatekeeper when building partnerships with providers in your area to generate leads! We also talk about how the healthcare industry is working to use technology as a way to detect evidence of dementia. Listen to get the sales tips that will lead […]

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Episode 11

Understanding Power of Attorney

In Episode 11, we talk about Power of Attorney, and continue our deep dive into a few disruptive technologies in the healthcare space. This week we discuss rideshare apps and how they are changing the way people get to and from their healthcare appointments. It’s important to understand Power of Attorney in the Medicare sales […]

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Episode 5

Setting SMART Goals

Episode 5 is a forward-looking episode focused around setting smart goals and planning for the future! We start by discussing some of the trends happening with the Medicare-eligible population like updates in technology, social habits, and living changes. As the industry grows and changes, it’s important to focus on your plans for the future to […]

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