2020 Medicare Certifications for all Major Carriers

Your favorite time of year is finally here: time to get certified for 2020 AEP! We’ve pulled together all the information we could find about 2020 certifications so you can have it in one easy location. We’ll continue to update this post as we hear more.

Remind me. What are Medicare Certifications?

Starting on October 15th, 2020, you’ll be able to sell to any and all Medicare-eligible people. A few weeks ago, carriers started releasing their certifications for this year. You cannot sell from those carriers unless you are contracted with them and complete their most up-to-date certifications.

Your certification from last year will not carry over! If you have your 2019 certification, you can sell plans with 2019 effective dates up until December 1st. Now, do the math. AEP ends on December 7th. That means that you could be missing out on over a week’s worth of sales when you consider that people who enroll at the end of November may not necessarily have December 1st effective dates.

Which Medicare Carriers Should I Contract and Certify with?

We recommend that you contract and certify with as many carriers as are available in your area! Not only does having multiple plans available increase your probability of closing sales, but it also increases your likelihood of genuinely getting someone into the right plan.

When your clients are in the right plan, not only are they happier and healthier, but they are more likely to renew their policy every year and to keep coming back to you with their questions.

Remember: Contracting does not equal certification. Just because you have completed your contracting paperwork, does not mean that you are certified to sell for the 2020 year.

AHIP Certification Discount | Senior Market Advisors

Additionally, some carriers offer discounts for your AHIP if you certify with them (we also offer a discount, here). Don’t forget that AHIP is a separate certification that ALL licensed agents need to complete, regardless of which plans you want to sell this year. Click here to read more about AHIP certification.

2020 Certification Access

Below are links to certification portals for some of the biggest carriers. Not all of them have released their 2020 certifications yet, so check back often. You can also send us a message so we can put you on our email list. People on our list are notified whenever carriers release their certifications. You’ll also be invited to our certification webinars and trainings!

Find out which carriers are available in your area, and certify as soon as possible so that you aren’t rushing to get it all done before AEP.

*We will update this list as we receive more information about 2020 certifications

2020 Broker Training

You don’t have to do your certifications alone. We offer webinars and trainings throughout the summer months to help you prepare for AEP 2020 and complete your certifications on time.

To get started, click here to send us a message or give us a call at 1-844-452-5020. One of our agent advisors will be in touch!