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Words That Sell: What To Say And How To Say It

By  Senior Market Advisors  on April 4, 2018

Words That Sell: What To Say And How To Say It

Every little word choice you make can mean the difference between closing a sale and, well, not closing a sale. When you walk into a client’s house with a stack of brochures and start asking personal questions, they’re bound to have their defenses up. That’s why it’s so important that you prepare your sales pitch and understand what to say and how to say it.

What To Say

Be confident and decisive with everything you say. Instead of saying, “I might be able to help,” say, “Yes, there are options. Let’s see if you qualify.” Your confidence in the products you’re selling will create greater trust between you and your clients.

Additionally, never refer to your clients as “customers.” In this sensitive industry of health care, your clients don’t want to feel like a customer in your store. You are not selling to them, you are helping them. They are clients, not customers.

What Not To Say

One of the number one rules of sales is to never make your client feel inferior. Avoid condescending words and phrases. When explaining products, plans, and options, try not to sound like a teacher in front of a room full of elementary school kids. Don’t use words like “obviously” and “basically.” Those words can make a person feel inferior or dumb for not thinking that something you say is “obvious” or “basic.”

You should also avoid using jargon and legal terms. When talking about forms, use terms like “enrollment form” instead of “application,” and avoid the term “contract” altogether. They’re softer terms that feel less binding. When discussing plans and products, make sure to use the correct terms but casually explain what they are. For example, don’t assume that every client you visit will know the difference between a deductible and a premium – but don’t explain it condescendingly. Instead, say “your premium, which you’ll pay monthly…”.

Supporting Documents

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