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What Does Transparency Mean To You?

By  Senior Market Advisors  on October 19, 2016

What Does Transparency Mean To You?

What does transparency mean to you? Transparency in business equates to visibility or accessibility of information for clients and consumers. Merriam-Webster defines transparency in part as honest and open; not secretive; free from pretense or deceit.

“Honest and open — not secretive — free from pretense or deceit”
–  Merriam-Webster 

For some industries, transparency means clearer and accurate ingredient lists on products, so we feel safer. For others, transparency means stating the source of garment fabrics and from which countries these products were produced, so we can buy with confidence. In the sports arena, we trust that league officials will monitor actions of teams so they ‘ll keep everyone playing by the rules. 

Today’s headlines remind us daily about public servants actions and statements. Our society generally holds elected officials to a higher standard with respect to transparency, since we follow their every move in real time. We expect the message to match the actions. Let’s face it, in 2016 it is very difficult to demand the public’s support for your cause, organization, service or product; and then ask the same public look the other way when the news is considered negative or scandal-ridden.

What Transparency Means To Us

While transparency may not be the end all, it is the means by which this company runs our business. Our mission statement clearly states that we will treat clients with dignity, honor, respect, and integrity. Mission statements are meaningless unless constant attention is focused on them and their meaning. Treating clients with dignity, honor, respect, and integrity are clearly much more than words on the wall. These words run deep in our DNA. We pledge to place every client’s interest above our own.

Our Code of Integrity: “It is so important for us to take the unwavering approach—that we will do what is best in the clients best interest––regardless of personal gain.”
— Jeff Pitta, CEO & Founder, Senior Market Advisors

So our agents pledge to execute each and every appointment with the utmost integrity. We don’t tolerate an agent taking shortcuts in presenting appropriate products and services to our clients. Our agents give clients the full range of choices that make the most sense for them. They present all available and appropriate plans.

So by giving clients the full range of choices that make the most sense for the client, our hope is that our transparency leads to a higher level of trust and confidence in our agents. This is what we teach: caring with character — serving with character — leading with character.