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What is the Walgreens and Microsoft partnership?

By  Senior Market Advisors  on January 21, 2019

Recently, several new deals have developed in the healthcare industry. In 2018, the Aetna and CVS deal, and the Cigna and Express Scripts deal were finalized. This trend has continued into 2019. On January 15, Walgreens and Microsoft announced a seven-year partnership.

Future Plans

Walgreens and Microsoft have joined forces in an attempt to change the healthcare industry through new delivery models, advanced technology, and unique retail innovations. Part of this deal focuses on virtually connecting people to Walgreens and providing services like self-care and chronic disease management. Plus, the two companies have plans to reduce the number of emergency room visits and decrease the percentage of hospital readmissions.

This partnership strives to create an “ecosystem” by connecting pharmacists, health providers, drug makers, and consumers. Walgreens plans to implement Microsoft 365, in combination with Windows 10 and Office, to over 380,000 of their employees globally. The two companies plan to create “digital health corners” in Walgreens stores and will test 12 pilot stores to introduce customers to this device.

Impact on Healthcare Industry

In 2018, rumors developed about Amazon entering the health industry. There hasn’t been a major announcement quite yet, but companies like Walgreens and CVS want to be as strong as possible for when, and if, Amazon enters. Microsoft is using this information to its benefit and offering companies the use of their cloud and software services. It is even rumored that Microsoft is creating a cashier-free store system that would be available to retailers like Walgreens.

As 2019 continues, we may see more deals and partnerships develop. Companies in the healthcare industry will continue to create a competitive edge. As always, this industry will continue to evolve, and we make sure our agents are prepared! We offer an experienced in-house marketing team, sales support team, and top-tier commissions. Ready to contract? Visit to start digitally contracting!