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Trying New Things | By Jeff Pitta

By  Senior Market Advisors  on December 13, 2017

Trying New Things | By Jeff Pitta

AEP is over, the holidays are coming, and it’s time to sit back and reflect on the year we’ve had. Have you thought about your resolutions for 2018 yet? Consider adding “trying new things” to your list. In this account from our CEO, Jeff Pitta, you’ll see some brilliant advice that he got from watching his son play! Sometimes, it’s the simple things that can change our entire outlook. Read on about trying new things:

This weekend I took a much-needed break from my 60-hour work week. I really needed some one-on-one time with my son, John David, so went to our favorite place – Bledsoe Park in Middle Tennessee. Spending an hour in nature with my son seems to melt away any stress and my long to-do list. In the hour I spent with him, I learned so many valuable lessons. I would like to share one with you today.

As adults, we seldom try new things and challenge ourselves the way children do. 99% of this is due to past failures, fear, worry, and insecurities created by past experiences. Children are always evolving and trying new things. If something does not work, they simply take another approach as they are determined to make it work. There are no excuses or limitations in their eyes.

I watched my son fail multiple times before he finally figured this out. I watched him fall while trying to climb on the playground multiple times, but he kept trying. It is amazing to watch him believe in himself and pursue different strategies until he accomplishes his goal. You are capable of the same thing. I challenge you to take this approach this coming year. See through our children’s eyes.

Some of my favorite quotes reflect this. Michael Jordan said in his Hall of Fame speech, “Limits, like fears, are just an illusion.” If you focus and work hard enough on your goals, you can accomplish them. I think about my son falling at the playground and realize the thought process he must have had. He knew he had disadvantages in his height and his climbing abilities, but he also knew that it wasn’t impossible. His ability to climb at the playground was actually limitless, and his fears were internal.

James N. Watkins said, “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” The water in a river is not strong enough to cut through rock by hitting it just once, but after years and years of water hitting the same rock, it starts to wear down. The same is true for your professional goals. You may not always win by trying just once; sometimes you have to work and work at your goals until you can finally accomplish them!

A third quote I’ve heard throughout my life is, “you have to be your strongest when you are at your weakest.” My son lost physical strength with every fall, but he also gained mental strength as he grew more and more determined to reach the top. Sometimes it’s when you are knocked down that you have to be your strongest.

Think about those quotes and how they relate to your life. Maybe, like my son, 2018 will be your year to try new things.