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Transition Statements for Closing the Sale

By  Senior Market Advisors  on March 18, 2019

An essential part of every sales transaction is the personal relationship built between salesman and client. It’s a huge part of what urges a client to decide to buy – but do you know how to use transition statements for closing the sale?

Sales Transition Statement Examples 

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a way to segue conversations into sales, especially when your clients are excited to tell you about their personal lives. Powerful transition statements can smoothly change the topic and remind your clients why you’re there. They’ll appreciate you listening to them and may not even notice what you did! Try our suggestions:

“Based on what you’ve told me…”

When you start asking your clients about their health care and their finances, they might start venting a bit. They might tell you about how they have a small retirement fund and how hard that’s been, or how they’re worried about their health. Listen to them, and use their anecdotes as an opportunity to step in and offer a way to help. After all, that’s why you’re there, right? Use the phrase “based on what you’ve told me…” to make sure your clients know that you were listening, you heard them, and you have a potential solution.

Sales Transition Statements - Senior Market Advisors

“While I’m here…”

In your career, you’ll run into more than one talkative client who forgets that you didn’t stop by to talk about grandkids or retirement trips to Europe. A polite way to bring the topic back to health care is to say something along the lines of, “While I’m here, I’d like to discuss ____ plans. I think it’s a good choice for you, and here’s why…” Remind the client that they should get your help while there instead of having set up another appointment.

“Would you like my help?”

Seniors and Medicare-eligibles will often talk about their health problems or issues with their current coverage. Asking if they want your help is a gentle and friendly way to keep their attention and show you care. Plus, it doesn’t come across as rough and prevents you from looking like a hard-closing salesperson. It’s important to listen to their issues or illness closely. This way you can show them the best possible plan for their unique needs and budget.

“It seems like (blank) would be a great fit for you. What do you think?”

Some sales conversations can quickly become a one-way conversation. When you are talking with a beneficiary, be sure to ask what they think about the plan that you are discussing. It shows that you care about more than just making the sale. Your goal for each sales appointment should always be enrolling beneficiaries in the best plan possible.

“Would you…?”

Finally, Instead of only providing statements, use questions like transitional phrases. For example, if you think Medicare Advantage is the solution to your client’s problems, instead of saying “let me show you a Medicare Advantage plan,” ask, “Would you like to hear about a plan that’s in your budget and will cover your medications?” That way, you’re having a conversation instead of just talking at them.

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