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Talking To Clients About Your Medicare Agent Commission

By  Senior Market Advisors  on January 17, 2018

Talking To Clients About Your Medicare Agent Commission

It can be quite awkward if your clients bring up your commission, but their concerns are valid. Are you trying to upsell them to gain more commission? Are you leading them towards certain plans so you can make more money? Are they being charged more to buy from you than they would if they went straight to the carrier? These are all questions that probably cross most of your client’s minds. How do you address their concerns?

Why Is It Awkward?

There shouldn’t be any shame in the fact that you get paid for what you do. It feels awkward because you’re trying to help people and make money at the same time, but your clients should understand that you need to put food on the table as well.

It’s kind of like buying a car. Most car salesmen make a commission on the cars that they sell, but that doesn’t mean the cars are more expensive to compensate for the commission. A $30,000 car is still a $30,000 car even if you buy it from a salesman who makes 20% commission. A $300 premium is still a $300 premium even if you buy the health plan through an agent.

The Middleman

Some seniors and Medicare eligibles will choose to take your advice and then go straight to the carrier to purchase their plan. They may think that they’ll get a cheaper price by cutting out the middleman. If you explain to them that you won’t charge them more than the carrier, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Not explaining how your commissions work could be costing you sales. You may want to consider explaining that you earn a commission as a disclaimer in every appointment you attend. Make sure that each client knows that your commission does not affect their cost and that your services are free to them.

Remember, money is an awkward subject. Clients will likely feel most comfortable if you bring up the subject of money before they do.

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