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Study: What Medicare Consumers Want in 2019-2020

By  Senior Market Advisors  on October 9, 2019

Based solely on impressions (the number of times it showed up in a Google search), the most popular content on our consumer site,, is about:

  • Medicare fitness programs
  • Medicare transportation solutions
  • Using Medicare to fight obesity
  • Orthotics Medicare coverage
  • Medicare + rehab for stroke recovery

Why is this important?

This data tells us that fitness programs, weight loss programs, transportation, orthotics, and stroke recovery are among the most popular Medicare benefits that people want information about. If that’s what people are searching for, then we can hypothesize that those benefits are going to be among the most popular in 2019/2020 Medicare Advantage plans.

Now the question is, are you prepared to market those benefits to your clients?

Marketing Medicare Fitness Programs & Weight Loss Coverage

First and foremost, there are a few things to know about Medicare fitness programs for the 2020 plan year:

AARP/UHC is no longer offering SilverSneakers as a benefit as they have established their own fitness benefit called RenewActive.
If you’re selling in Tennessee, know that YMCAs are no longer part of the SilverSneakers network.

While fitness benefits may not be the first thing your clients are thinking about when selecting a Medicare plan, it can be a motivating push towards Medicare Advantage. It’s likely that they already know about how MA covers prescription drugs, dental, and vision, but extra benefits like fitness programs can really push a plan to the top of their minds.

Some of your clients may already be enrolled in a gym membership, so the idea of wrapping that cost into their Medicare plan may be exciting.

When using fitness programs to market a Medicare Advantage plan, remember to talk about the social aspect of these programs. Programs such as SilverSneakers and Silver & Fit include access to group classes at local gyms. If your clients normally exercise at home and don’t see the need for a fitness benefit, you can take one more swing by talking to them about how these programs allow you to become a part of those gym communities. They might even make a few friends!

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Marketing Medicare Transportation Benefits

Make sure your clients understand that ambulance rides are not free with Medicare. Be sure to explain that medically necessary ambulance rides can be covered at 80% with Part B, and they may be able to get more coverage through Medicare Supplements or certain Medicare Advantage plans.

The benefit that your clients might not even know about is that some Medicare Advantage plans in 2020 can cover non-emergency medical transportation. This benefit is similar to what many states offer in their Medicaid packages. People who do not have their own reliable means of transportation may be eligible to get rides to and from their doctor’s appointments.

Marketing Medicare Orthotics Benefits

We had no idea our orthotics blog would be so popular! Medicare only covers medically necessary podiatry services, but devices (like orthotics) may be considered DME (Durable Medical Equipment).

If a doctor confirms that a patient needs orthotics (or another device, like a leg brace) for treatment, Medicare may cover it at 80% under DME with Part B. Alternatively, you can use this as an opportunity to market Medicare Advantage plans that cover MORE equipment through benefits like over-the-counter allowances. Even if your client’s device doesn’t fall under DME, if they have a Medicare Advantage plan with an OTC benefit, they may be able to purchase the device outright from a drugstore and save money.

Marketing Medicare Rehab and Stroke Recovery Benefits

You may know that inpatient recovery for strokes, heart attacks, and other ailments often falls under Part A, but what if there’s a private plan out there that can do more?

If your clients are asking about stroke recovery, it may be best to start the conversation with Medicare Supplements. If your clients can have their Part A coinsurance and deductible covered with a Medigap Plan D, for example, they might be all set.

Then, you may want to compare their Medigap options to Medicare Advantage plans that offer prescription and OTC benefits which can serve their pain management and equipment needs.

Selling Medicare Advantage in 2020

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