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How To Raise Client Engagement During Appointments

By  Senior Market Advisors  on June 26, 2017

How To Raise Client Engagement During Appointments

One of the biggest struggles insurance agents face when meeting with clients is holding their attention long enough to close the sale. Clients hear how much their plan is going to cost and procrastinate enrollment. Through practice, you can learn to better entertain your clients during appointments to help them feel comfortable enough to talk to you and excited enough to buy from you.

1. Use “I think”Phrases To Seem Less Overbearing

Choose your words carefully. Small language changes can make a huge difference in your conversion rates! Using big sales phrases like “you need this product” creates an image of superiority, and no one wants to feel inferior to a stranger in their own home. For a gentler approach, make your pitch seem like more of an opinion. Use phrases like “I think this plan is best for you” or “I think you should consider this option instead.” You’ll seem like less of a salesman and more of a health care professional.

2. Develop Emotional Connections

On the same token, clients will be more likely to buy from you if they feel that you have something in common with them or if they like your personality. Show that you care about their health and their coverage. Find ways to bring less business-related matters into the conversation. If they happen to mention a daughter or grandson, take that as an opportunity to ask about them. Small, occasional comments like, “Oh, do your kids live nearby?” can open a whole new level of comfort. Be careful not to pry too much, though. You don’t want to cross any lines or upset anyone!

3. Use Modern Technology To Heighten Excitement

Insurance business doesn’t all have to happen on paper anymore. Don’t be afraid to bring a laptop or tablet to your appointments and show your clients online tools that they can use to find doctors. You can also download PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and other images to show digitally which may impress your clients more than physical demonstrations (but don’t forget to bring physical paperwork and information about their plans that you can leave behind).

4. Use Exclusive/Unique Content

Every agent is going to have the same branded materials from carriers. You can bring your own documents and creations like bulleted fact sheets and summaries. They will show your expertise and help clients sift through their paperwork.

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