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Best Sales Podcasts for Agents

By  Senior Market Advisors  on April 18, 2019

With our smartphones in hand and Bluetooth car connections, it’s no wonder people don’t buy books anymore. Sales podcasts are an excellent way for you to spend your time while you’re driving from appointment to appointment. Plus, you may just learn something new.

Selling SMART with Senior Market Advisors: Medicare Sales Podcast

Selling SMART with Senior Market Advisors is the one-stop shop for Medicare agents across the country. Our mission is to serve the underserved agents and consumers. This podcast stays true to our mission by providing agents like you with sales knowledge and motivational stories from our agents in the field. Some of our episodes include topics like low-income subsidies, changes to CMS, and overcoming objections.

Selling Smart Hosts

“Selling SMART” is hosted by two of our most knowledgeable employees, Sarah and Jessica! Sarah, our Senior Multimedia manager, moved to Nashville from California in 2017 and came right to Senior Market Advisors. When she’s not co-hosting “Selling SMART,” you can find her creating our Senior Market Advisors videos, flyers, webinars, and more. Jessica, our Multimedia Manager, moved to Nashville in 2014 with a passion for Songwriting and, of course, serving the underserved. When she’s not working on the podcast, you can find her creating beautiful emails, powerpoint presentations, marketing videos, and hosting our webinar series.

Sarah and Jessica frequently bring on guests like our Director of Ancillary Sales, Keith Hinson, and our Director of Internal Sales, Tori Buckman. What really makes the podcast special is when agents who are out in the field every day supply their own contributions. In fact, you could even be featured on an upcoming episode! Do you have a motivational story you would like to share? Fill out this form!

Where to Listen

Want to listen in on our next episode? We release a new episode every other week. Click here to subscribe and stay up-to-date with the latest episodes!

Other Sales Podcasts

We think our podcast can serve as a top tool for sales, but we get it, you’re on the road a lot and one podcast may not be enough. Here are other great sales podcasts:

B2B Growth Show

  • Hosts: James Carbary and Jonathon Green
  • About: This podcast showcase episodes that focus on sales team management, creative business development, B2B strategic partnerships, aligning sales with marketing, and negotiation techniques.
  • Length: Approximately 20 minutes
  • Where to Listen:iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud

Advanced Selling Podcast

  • Hosts: Bryan Neale and Bill Caskey
  • About: Learn tactics and practical wisdom that will help you improve your game, increase your thinking, and push you towards your sales goals. This podcast is full of humor and gives the best tips and tricks on ways to improve prospecting, cold calling, and sales forecasting.
  • Length: Less than 20 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes


  • Host: Andy Paul
  • About: Listen to interviews with top salesmen about coaching, sales automation, new research, and personal development.
  • Length: 20-60 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes

Closing Bigger

  • Host: Shane Gibson
  • About: This podcast will help you develop several selling skills through practical tips and insight for every step of the selling process. This podcast has a strong focus on psychology and relational dynamics.
  • Length: 10-50 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes

Conversation with Women in Sales

  • Hosts: Sweet Fish Media and Barb Giamenco
  • About: This podcast is specific for women in sales positions. Women across the field discuss topics including career advancement, workplace diversity, and leadership.
  • Length: 35 to 45 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes

Get in the Door

  • Host: Steve Kloyda
  • About: This podcast is full of personal stories and tips on how to find potential clients and to fill your pipeline with leads. If you find it difficult to build new relations, this podcast is full of advice for you!
  • Length: 10 to 40 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM

Growth Everywhere

  • Host: Eric Siu
  • About: This podcast is full of interviews with marketers, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs. They discuss strategies and tactics to conquer your goals.
  • Length: 15 to 40 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud

Sales Gravy

  • Host: Jeb Blount
  • About:  Most episodes are only 5 minutes, but some extend in length. These short episodes make it easy to fit into your schedule and offer topics like callback rates and overcoming objections.
  • Length: 5-60 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher

The Salesman Podcast

  • Host: Will Barron
  • About: This podcast discusses the role of influence, body language, and psychology within sales. Episodes are released almost daily and offer interviews with several sales professionals in the industry.
  • Length: 30-45 minutes
  • Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast

Benefits of Senior Market Advisors

At Senior Market Advisors, we make sure our agents are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed. In addition to our podcast, we offer a custom-built CRM system, in-house marketing team, print shop, sales support team, and top-tier commissions. Why wait? To start contracting today, fill out this form.

This blog was originally published on April 9, 2018, but was updated on April 16, 2019.