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Our Code Of Integrity

By  Senior Market Advisors  on October 13, 2016

Our Code Of Integrity

Senior Market Advisor’s mission is to serve the under-served senior and Medicare eligible adult population. Our code of integrity ensures that we will serve this senior and Medicare eligible adult population with dignity, honor, and respect. We promise to place the client’s interest above our own.

How Do We Define Integrity?

According to Jeff Pitta, CEO & Founder of CHA, integrity is the one thing that can and has contributed to the growth of his company. It’s a part of our mission to place values over personal gain. Pitta challenges each person in the organization to pledge an allegiance to respecting each other and treating clients with the utmost integrity.

Pitta reminds his team that the most important leadership trait that he has adopted through his career is, “if I always take the path of integrity, the rewards will be plentiful.”

Corporate Ethics & Social Responsibility

In an industry such as financial and insurance products, it would be very easy for a representative of a company with different values to overlook matters of integrity in the quest for higher compensation. Unfortunately, when someone runs off the rails it becomes newsworthy.

In fact, one major financial institution recently made headlines for creating false sales figures and accounts all for the personal gain of company leadership. A great example of sales goals run awry.

That financial company forgot some of its core values as it raced the clock to create inflated sales figures. Beyond the laws that were broken, their reputation is tainted due to a breach of integrity.

Selling With Integrity

Our organization is not alone in the quest for sales goals. Setting goals is a foundational business principle, and we celebrate when we reach our goals. Goal-setting is not the enemy. Reaching goals with disregard to ethics and integrity is the enemy.

Our agents are encouraged daily to remember the importance of doing the right thing with each and every appointment. We don’t tolerate an agent taking shortcuts in presenting appropriate products and services to our clients. Even at the prospect of a smaller compensation, we insist on giving our clients the full range of choices that make the most sense for them. We will do what in the clients’ best interest. 

Our Promise

How do we measure success in fulfilling our mission? For starters, we train our agents to maintain a standard presentation format. A good example promises the following methodology:

  • Honor the client’s appointment time
  • Treat the client with respect and dignity
  • Listen to the needs of the client
  • Show sincere empathy in responding to clients
  • Present all available and appropriate plans to the client
  • Show the client the gaps in coverage
  • Place the most suitable product regardless of compensation

Our Code of Integrity Pledge: “It is so important for us to take the unwavering approach—that we will do what is best in the clients best interest–regardless of personal gain.” — Jeff Pitta