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Be A Senior Market Advisor, Not A Seller

By  Senior Market Advisors  on January 29, 2018

Be A Senior Market Advisor, Not A Seller

Door-to-door sales are a thing of the past. There’s a reason you’re not allowed to knock on doors to sell Medicare! No one wants someone to walk into their home and try to sell them something. That’s why we want our agents to be Senior Market Advisors, not sellers.

Your Mission

Our organizational mission is to “serve the underserved.” We want to serve underserved consumers who deserve better care and coverage with help from better, unbiased agents. We also want to serve underserved agents who deserve better marketing and support. If your mission isn’t similar to ours and if your focus isn’t helping seniors and Medicare eligibles get the care and coverage they deserve, then why are you working as a Medicare sales agent?

It’s important for you to be able to put food on your table and send your kids to school, but you can do that in any job. You have to have to like your job for something other than your salary so you can have the motivation to do good work every day.

Your Job Is Important

You have to remember why your job is so important. Health care is confusing, and seniors and Medicare eligibles are trusting you with their personal information and asking you to pick the best way for them to spend their money. Their lives could literally be in your hands as you help them decide what kind of health care they can afford to receive. That’s why you can’t fulfill any sort of “serving the underserved” mission by acting purely as a salesman. You need to act as an advisor for the clients you meet with. Yes, you can make some money if you sell them a plan, but you need to advise them to buy the correct plan.

Remember that selling a client the most expensive plan will not work out in your favor if the plan isn’t right for them anyway. The client will probably figure out that the plan is wrong for them and find a new agent to work with. Selling a client the correct plan, even if it means making less money, is always the best way to go. That’s why when you contract with Senior Market Advisors, you contract with multiple carriers. You are an advisor, not a salesman.

Defining Advisor

You and your fellow agents may have slightly different definitions of “advisor,” but you should come to the same conclusion: An advisor has the client’s best interest at heart.


  • Always choose the plan with the highest commission
  • Rush through appointments to get to the next one
  • Never do more work than they need to
  • Forget their client’s names


  • Get to know their clients
  • Answer questions honestly and thoroughly
  • Help clients choose the best plan for their needs, regardless of commission
  • Are always looking for new plans and benefits that can help their clients

Which one are you?

Learn more about becoming a Senior Market Advisor by watching our video. You can even start eContracting today!