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Medicare For Snowbirds & Travelers

By  Senior Market Advisors  on April 2, 2018

Medicare For Snowbirds

How often do your clients ask you about out-of-state coverage? You probably know that a beneficiary can only enroll in the state that they live in. That makes finding policies for snowbirds and travelers a bit more complicated, but not impossible.

Get To Know The Snowbirds

When you meet with a client, get to know them a little bit. Find out about their habits – do they stay home most of the time? Do they frequently travel out-of-state to visit relatives? Do they live in another state during a certain part of the year? All of this is going to change their provider network options. You’re going to want frequent travelers to have a plan that will allow them to see doctors in other states.

Start With The Plan Type

Medicare Advantage plans will sound like a great option for most of your beneficiaries, but be careful – most Medicare Advantage plans will restrict your clients to one primary physician, or at least a very small provider network. Those plans may not be the best idea for your clients who travel often or live in other states for parts of the year. That’s why you need to make sure to ask the right questions to figure out your client’s needs. If you sell them a plan that is not in their best interest, they’ll probably just turn around and find a different plan with a different agent.

If your client wants a Medicare Advantage plan, suggest a PPO or HMO POS plan so that they do not have to select one primary physician. You’ll want to make sure that your client will have access to an in-network doctor even when they aren’t home.

Consider Medicare Supplements

A Medicare Supplement plan may be the best option for Snowbirds and travelers. It will provide some cost savings, but will not restrict the provider network. Then, your client can enroll in a national PDP plan for their prescription drug coverage. Your client will not have to worry about filling prescriptions while out-of-town because you can help them choose a plan with a wide pharmacy network. Plus, they may have the option for mail-order prescriptions. They won’t even have to be home to fill their prescriptions.

Be Prepared

Go into every appointment prepared for any scenario. Know that if the client you’re speaking with is a big-time traveler, you’ll have to pay extra-close attention to the plan’s provider network and you’ll have to ask extra questions.

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