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How To Sell Yourself As A Medicare Expert

By  Senior Market Advisors  on December 4, 2017

In 2017, your clients can easily enroll in Medicare online or over the phone. To get the sales you need to succeed, you need to convince clients to buy directly from you! Buying from a licensed and knowledgeable agent like you means that clients can learn more and know what the exact right plan is for their needs. You need to sell yourself as a Medicare expert before you can sell clients Medicare.

Ask Questions First

Don’t wait for your clients to ask you questions about Medicare. To give the appearance that you know the products your selling, ask questions first. Get to know the client’s exact needs, so you can talk about appropriate plans. Ask about their health history and current medical issues as well as their financial situation. Get to know their lifestyle and figure out what extra perks would benefit them. Would they attend Silver Sneakers programs? Would they be better off with a high premium?

Don’t Forget Materials

While it’s important that you have key facts memorized for easy access, make sure you have marketing materials with you for all plans that you can sell. It’s an easy way to back up the information you’re delivering. Your clients will feel better knowing that they can fact-check what you’re telling them. Then, they’ll trust you more when they realize the information you gave was correct!

Show Your Notes

Show your notes as you’re taking them to improve your credibility. If you’re writing on a notebook, rest it on the table in front of you (or on your lap) so that it doesn’t look like you’re hiding it. Use your notes to show your clients how much they’ll be spending. For example, draw a Venn Diagram showing the differences between two plans, or calculate total yearly costs for a specific plan. Let them see how you’re calculating their expenses.

Stay Confident

Even if you misspeak or get nervous, try to stay confident. Your insecurities will show and cause clients to trust you less. If you appear confident in the information you’re delivering and the products you’re selling, your clients will feel confident in it too.

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