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Learn About The Senior Market Advisors Marketing Reimbursement Program

As a Senior Market Advisors agent, you’ll have access to our top benefits which include everything from top-tier commissions to customizable marketing materials. Do you find yourself needing an extra push to move forward in your career? That’s why we’ve created our Marketing Reimbursement Program.

Senior Market Advisors Storefront

Through our storefront, agents can “purchase” marketing materials with “credits.” How do you get credits? By doing your job! The more products you sell, and the better your close rate is, the more credits you’ll accumulate. Then, you can turn around and use those credits to help with your lead generation and boost your sales even further! The storefront includes items like business cards, door hangers, banners, and other materials that are specifically designed to boost your business.

You’ll also find free downloads, like videos from our “Building Your Busines” series which are short training videos about everything from business relationship building to goal setting. Other free items include a consumer-friendly “Getting Started with Medicare” guide, Medicare marketing guidelines, and more.


On our Storefront, certain items, like flyers, posters, business cards, and provider kits, are completely customizable. You can change colors and fonts to match your personal style and type in your name and phone number to adhere the items to your business. You can even design your own direct mail pieces to send to your clients! If you have enough credits, you can also purchase a direct mailing from us. We’ll then use our in-house print shop to produce your mailing for you, saving you both time and money.

Join The Marketing Reimbursement Program

The first step in joining our marketing reimbursement program is contracting with Senior Market Advisors, but that’s easy. We’ve created our own digital contracting platform,, to simplify the contracting process. Questions? Just request a call here or call us at 844-452-5020.