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Insurance Sales Rebuttals To Use

Insurance Sales Rebuttals To Use

Once you’ve been selling insurance for a while, you’ll start to see patterns in the responses you get from clients. They’ll all have the same reasonings and excuses for not buying from you. These patterns can work to your advantage – you can prepare in advance and know exactly how to respond to these people. These are some of the most common responses you’ll receive and the best insurance sales rebuttals to use.

“I already have insurance.”

Whether they say, “I already have Medicare,” “I already have what I need,” or some other variation, this one’s easy to tackle. Respond by calmly explaining that you are not their to sell them health insurance for the first time, you are there to help them find a better deal. You aren’t there to upsell them or give them plans they don’t need; you’re there to make sure you have the best price and the best coverage.

“I don’t need it.”

You’ll probably hear, “I’ll just pay my medical bills when they come,” or “I never get sick.” This is a good time for you to remind your clients about late enrollment fees. Make sure they are aware that if they change their mind in ten years, their premiums will be exponentially higher just because they waited. Also, remind them that most major health concerns will sneak up on you. Even if you’re perfectly healthy now, something unfortunate could happen tomorrow. It’s best to be prepared.

“I can’t afford it”

You’ll hear this one a thousand times. Remind the client that you are not there to sell them something new. You are there to help them find savings and better coverage. You are there to help them afford their health care, not charge them more for it!

“I need time to think about it.”

You’ve probably said this before to a salesman just as an excuse to get away. Or, you may have actually meant it – but did you follow up? If a client requests time to think about it before they purchase from you, give them their time, but don’t forget to follow up!