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How To Sell Dental Plans In Your Market

By  Senior Market Advisors  on October 25, 2017

How To Sell Dental Plans In Your Market

Original Medicare Parts A and B do not cover dental care except in the case of another incident. For example, infections in other areas that are caused by dental procedures, oral examinations in a hospital as a part of a kidney or heart valve replacement, or in procedures for jaw disease, oral cancer, or facial diseases and infections. Your clients may need coverage for dentures, fillings, pullings, and routine checkups. These are our best tips for selling dental plans:

Build Partnerships

Creating relationships and building partnerships with dental offices is a great, cheap way to curate dental leads. Try to find dental offices that frequently accept Medicare patients. Then ask them if you can leave branded materials in their office, directing patients who need dental coverage to you. You might even consider offering to host a free seminar about dental coverage and Medicare at their practice. It will help bring in patients for the dentist, and clients for you.

Take Advantage of Options

Consumers in any industry like knowing that they have options. With insurance, it usually feels like there’s only one path, and they have to pay for it. With dental plans, your clients can choose between a standalone plan or a Medicare Advantage Plus plan. That extra option can make the idea of purchasing a dental plan all-the-more enticing – especially when you tell them that a Medicare Advantage plan can add more than just dental coverage.

Use Follow-Ups To Sell Dental

You probably have a list of clients who enrolled in Original Medicare only – clients who chose to forgo Medicare Advantage. That means that you have clients who don’t have dental. What’s most noteworthy is that you don’t have to wait for AEP to sell it to them. You can take advantage of this by making appointments to see them in the springtime after AEP has passed and they are settled into their plans. Also, call them and tell them that you’d like to follow-up on the plan they bought from you in the fall. See if they’d like to add any additional coverage, like a stand-alone dental plan.

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