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Health Care Sales Tip: Selling Medicare Is Like Selling Drinks

By  Senior Market Advisors  on February 5, 2018

Health Care Sales Tip: Selling Medicare Is Like Selling Drinks

Have you heard the phrase “sell like a bartender?” It’s incredibly good advice for selling Medicare. Think about it: Good bartenders are knowledgeable, personable, efficient, calm, and aware. Those are all qualities a good Medicare sales agent should have! Read our tips for selling Medicare like you’re selling drinks:

Know Your Stuff

The Medicare world is quite expansive and it’s still growing. How much do you know about rules, regulations, and plan specifics? What about new trends in the marketplace or new benefits and perks?

Good bartenders know how to make just about any drink and can answer your questions about them. They know all the ingredients that go into each drink, exactly how much of each item they should use, and what method they should use to make it. They know what the most popular drinks are and how their customers prefer their drinks. You should know about all the products you are certified to sell. You should know about all the benefits, costs, and network sizes so you can answer all your client’s questions quickly and easily.


You probably wouldn’t talk to a random stranger about the problems you’re having at home, but you might reveal some of it to your bartender. People often go to a bar to get a drink when they feel sad. After a while, it becomes natural for them to start venting to the person serving them drinks. Even though they may technically be a stranger, the bartender is stuck standing right there behind the bar. Plus, people feel comfortable telling bartenders things because they don’t have to be embarrassed. They may never see each other again.

When you’re selling Medicare, you have to take on that listening role too. You have to hear your clients concerns about their health problems and their financial struggles. Listening and taking all of that in will allow you to better match them with a plan that works.

Don’t Be Pushy

When you go to a bar and order a drink, a good bartender doesn’t try to upsell you to a more expensive drink. They may ask if you’re interested in a more expensive liquor, but then they give you the drink that you want, with just the right amount of flavor and the right amount of alcohol. When you go to a client’s house, you shouldn’t try to upsell them to a plan they don’t need. You can ask if they are interested in obtaining more coverage, but then sell them the plan that they really want and properly meets their needs.

Health care is a sensitive and expensive topic. There’s no good reason for you to try to upsell your clients. Chances are that if you sell them a plan they can’t really afford, they’ll end up choosing a cheaper one next year, and you’ll lose out on renewal payments. Plus, there is the moral issue with pushing someone to pay more than they need to for their health care.

Our agents sell like bartenders. They are contracted with multiple carriers, so there is no bias. Our agents always help clients choose the plan that works best for them and don’t push them to buy a more expensive plan that they don’t need.

Does that sound like your sales method? If you become a part of our team, we’ll provide marketing support and other tools that will help you succeed. Watch our video to learn more!