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Funny Insurance Ads and What We Can Learn From Them

By  Senior Market Advisors  on June 21, 2017

Funny Insurance Ads and What We Can Learn From Them

Of all the funny ads in the world, insurance companies are notorious for producing some of the funniest TV commercials. They take over the Superbowl every year and circulate YouTube like no other industry (except for maybe beer). But did you ever think about what you could actually gain from watching funny insurance ads? They’re great for a good laugh but they may also teach you about a few things, like:

The Way You Answer Your Phone

Do you give out your personal cell phone number to clients? Or do you receive personal calls to your work number? Though this ad might be a bit exaggerated, as an agent you have to remember that the person on the other end of a phone call may be a client. Not only will you upset people by a poor phone demeanor, but you may turn potential clients away. Always answer the phone with your name and title, or at least your name.

Your Sensitivity And Empathy

If a client feels like you genuinely care about their well-being and aren’t purely trying to make money off of them, they’re more likely to buy from you and hold on to you as their agent. Insurance, especially Medicare, can be a sensitive topic. People are often sensitive about their health care needs and their financial needs, so speak softly and show that you care. Your clients will feel more comfortable with you.

Your Non-Insurance Related Conversation

You may recognize this GEICO Superbowl commercial from a few years ago and wonder what you could possibly learn from it, but from a marketing standpoint, it was genius. GEICO grabs your attention with a humorous take on their original Hump Day commercial that everyone recognizes. At first, you probably aren’t even sure that it’s a GEICO commercial. You’re mind isn’t thinking “insurance,” it’s thinking about funny camel commercials.

Conversations with your clients can work the same way. Start by asking about their day, their jobs if they’re still employed, their kids if they have any, etc. If they don’t respond well to that, move on, but most clients will feel more comfortable talking about their personal finances and health care needs with you if you start off on a gentler topic.

Your Humor and Casual Banter

It’s important to use your best judgment when attempting humor with clients. Some will respond better to business-only talk, but some will feel more comfortable if they can joke around a bit and discuss non-financial matters. Take this commercial that you might remember as an example: It takes health care accidents and makes them funny. If this was a real situation the woman probably wouldn’t be laughing with a broken hip, but the idea of injuring yourself from dancing in your kitchen is a little funny. It holds your attention before you even know what the commercial is for. Using your discretion, don’t be afraid to laugh a little during your appointments with clients.