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When A Client Says, “Let Me Think About It…”

By  Senior Market Advisors  on September 6, 2017

When A Client Says, “Let Me Think About It…”

One of the most common sales objections that you’ll hear is “let me think about it,” or “I need to think about it first.” Sometimes that response will be legitimate, and other times the client just does not want to admit his disinterest. But how should you respond?

Once you leave an appointment, the chances of that client actually buying from you drops. Sometimes that’s because the client genuinely needs to think about it, then forgets. In fact, expert salesmen Victor Antonio suggests in his video that most people will forget about 75% of what you said within 24 hours of your meeting. Your goal should be to sell your product on the first try.

How do you respond?

When a client says “let me think about it…,” you should be saying more than “take your time.” Consider asking, “do you need time to consider what I’ve told you, or are you not interested?” If they aren’t interested, that’s a good time for you to either show them other options or thank them for their time and leave. That way, you won’t waste your own time or theirs. You can spend more time with your other appointments who are actually interested.

If the client is genuinely interested, ask what they need to think about. You may be able to help them figure it out on the spot. If they need to think about it for financial reasons, introduce them to cheaper options or see if they are qualified for Extra Help.

If a client would rather speak to you after they’ve thought about it, set another appointment with them right away. They’ll be more likely to actually attend the appointment if they’re looking at you when they make it.

When a client says “let me think about it,” your sale may not be dead. Always investigate further – don’t run out on good leads!

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