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Build Client Loyalty By Creating Memorable Experiences

By  Senior Market Advisors  on March 14, 2018

Build Client Loyalty By Creating Memorable Experiences

As seniors approach their 65th birthdays, they’ll start to receive card after card in the mail and phone call after phone call asking if they’d like to review their Medicare benefits. It’s easy for agents like you to get lost in the pile. That’s why you need to build loyalty with your clients, and the best way to create client loyalty is by creating memorable experiences.

Loyal Clients Are More Likely To: 

Renew their policies with you.

Why would a loyal client accept an appointment with another agent if they’re already happy with you and your services? As long as you are able to get your clients into the best possible plan for their needs, and as long as your clients like you and your services, they won’t have a reason not to renew their policies each year.

Come to you with questions.

If your clients are comfortable with you, they’re more likely to call you when they have questions about their coverage. They won’t go searching for answers elsewhere and end up signing up for a new plan with a different agent or carrier.

Buy ancillary policies from you.

If a client is happy with the Medicare plan you helped them sign up for, they’re more likely to turn to you when they need extra coverage. Make sure your clients are aware that you can help them enroll in final expense, dental, vision, hospital indemnity, etc.

Make referrals. 

Loyal clients are more likely to refer their friends to you. They’re more likely to say, “You need a Medicare agent? I have a great one!”

How To Build Loyalty

The first step in building client loyalty is to make sure your clients remember you. That doesn’t mean sending follow up emails and phone calls – those are important too, but it’s the unique tactics that will make you memorable. Send birthday cards, Christmas cards, and even Valentine’s Day cards to your clients. Customize your leave-behinds and marketing materials to be fun, unique, and tailored to your clients. Hand-write thank you notes and send them to your clients after you meet with them.

How SMA Can Help

Our FMO can help you by providing you with the marketing tools you need to succeed. When you contract with SMA, you have access to our storefront, where you can customize and download flyers, business cards, and more.

For more information, check out our brief video.