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The Science Behind the Sale: Body Language

There are many different factors that go into closing a sale. Many people don’t realize that body language plays a huge role in communication.  According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian at UCLA, 55% of the message you send is body language. Having good or bad body language could make or break you when selling a product. Becoming aware of your body language and changing it to reflect positively is an easy fix. By making these small changes you could boost your number of sales. Listed below are a few subtle changes that you could make to increase your performance.

  • Keep your hands and arms openThis shows that you are not carrying any weapons. In ancient times to show the person that you “come in peace” you would open your arms to show that you were not packing any weapons. That is why we always shake hands with our sword or gun hand, to show the other person that we are not a threat.
  • Make sure to have a firm handshakeIn America a firm handshake conveys trust and a good sign of character. Also if you want the other person to feel like they have the power, you give them the “upper hand”. This means that when you go in for the hand shake you allow the other person’s hand to be on top of yours when your hands shake.

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  • Make sure to smile to create a good first impression. Smiling makes you come across as genuine. When you smile at someone it lets them know that you are happy to be there and conveys interest.
  • Make sure to nod when speaking with someone. Nodding lets them know that you are listening to what they have to say.
  • Look the person in the eye. When you look at someone directly, it conveys confidence and competence. Make sure to keep eye contact throughout the conversation.
  • Lean forward when asking a question. When you lean forward it lets the other person know that you are engaged and truly interested in the conversation.
  • Standing up straight and having pristine posture. This is also very important because it shows that you have confidence and you know what you are talking about.
  • Do not rub your hands together. When you rub your hands together it’s called a “self-touch” gesture which means that you are nervous or uneasy about something, and you are providing yourself comfort.
  • Learn how to read body language. Learning how to read someone’s body language will help you as an agent. Being able to pick up on the small clues someone conveys will help you read the potential client’s reactions. This will provide insight to how you should lead the conversation.

Incorporating these tips into your day to day sales strategy should help you close more sales. Learning how to read people is a huge part of the sales process. Knowing what someone is telling you non-verbally is a great skill to have and should help you in many different situations. 

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