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Using Exclusivity To Gain Referrals

By  Senior Market Advisors  on August 30, 2017

Using Exclusivity To Gain Referrals

In a situation where asking for referrals is illegal, how can you get your clients to bring in referrals for you? The key is in your exclusivity. What do you offer that other agents don’t? Why should your client’s friends go to you instead of another agent? These are ways that you can legally make yourself more exclusive to bring in more leads and clients.

Offer More Products

Most of your competitors are agents who work for one carrier and sell one brand of products. By contracting with multiple carriers, you can offer clients more options. Offering more options proves that you are taking an unbiased approach. Even though clients may be aware that you earn commission on their health care, they may feel better knowing that you aren’t pushing any one brand in an effort to earn more for yourself. This is an excellent competitive advantage that can lead to your clients walking away satisfied and recommending you to their friends.

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Bring “Extras”

Go into every meeting fully prepared with all available brochures, information, and giveaways from carriers that you can find. Plan before every appointment – go in with a list of available providers. If you have the time, go the extra mile to prepare a list of in-network doctors who are closest to the client’s address or doctors nearby with the best reviews. No other agent will take the time to do it, so you can consider it an “exclusive opportunity” that other agents won’t provide.

Be Full Service, Full-Time

Some agents only work during AEP and forget about their clients for the other nine months of the year. Others only work one or two days per week and have other jobs. If you’re a full-time insurance agent, let your clients know! They have an exclusive opportunity with you because you can be available to answer their questions five days a week.

Use Kindness

Unfortunately, not all agents offer kindness as a part of their sales rap. Ask your clients about their kids, grandkids, and pets. Remind them that you’re not just an agent, but also a person. If you’re going to enter their living room and try to sell them a product, use your manners and be friendly. If a client has had a bad experience with insurance agents in the past, they’ll understand how rare it can be to find one who’s doing more than just selling. They’ll see that as an exclusive opportunity and a reason to recommend you to their friends.

If you’re still having trouble with referrals and lead generation, consider signing on with an FMO like Senior Market Advisors. We allow you to be a full-time agent because we take care of a lot of the prep work for you. We’ll help to provide you with those “extras” and most importantly, we’ll allow you to contract with multiple carriers through our eContracting system. For more information, call 1-844-452-5020.