The Science Behind the Sale: Sales Pitch

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The Science Behind the Sale: Sales Pitch | Senior Market Advisors

The Science Behind the Sale: Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is a script that tries to persuade someone with a planned sales strategy. It could be used to sell a product or service. A good sales pitch should help the agent close a sale. Everyone starts out with a generic pitch, then the more comfortable the salesperson becomes they tend to customize it and make it their own. The more experienced they become the easier it is for them to adapt to the person they are speaking with, and change their script accordingly.

Tips For A Successful Sales Pitch

  1. Start with a bang- Always start the conversation with a positive comment. This can be a compliment directed to the person, or a positive remark about their home, or even the weather.The question What Makes You Stand Out in red text on a newspaper clipping from the classified advertising section pinned to a cork notice board
  2. Don’t Self-Sabotage- Never speak badly about a competitor because the person will subconsciously associate that with you and your company. Logically they know you are referring to another company. But subconsciously it is the complete opposite.
  3. Use Positive and Genuine Labels- If you give someone a positive label they will want to work hard to make sure that label is true. If you tell someone they are a hard worker, in most cases, they work harder to live up to their label. So if you tell them that they are one of your friendliest clients, then they should want to continue having that positive label and strive to be friendly.
  4. Always use positive body language- As stated in a previous post, body language is 55% of the message that you convey. It is very important to know what kind of body language you are using.
  5. End on a high note- If you end the conversation on a high note they will later recall the experience as positive. For example, you could say, “I have had a great time speaking with you, I hope to hear from you soon.”  You always want to leave with a positive statement and you want to try to cater it to the person that you were speaking to. “For example, if they were in the middle of doing yard work then say “I wish my yard looked like yours. Keep up the good work.”

Anastasia Iliou
Anastasia Iliou
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