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5 Reasons Why Senior Market Advisors Is The Best FMO For You

5 Reasons Why Senior Market Advisors Is The Best FMO For You

The health insurance industry is heavily saturated with agents, agencies, field marketing organizations, and carriers. Do you work with a field marketing organization (FMO)? Do you need help with generating leads and paying for your marketing efforts? Senior Market Advisors is the best FMO for you, so start eContracting. Not sure yet?

1. We Were Developed By Insurance Agents

CEO Jeff Pitta began his career as an independent insurance agent. He knows what it’s like to knock on doors and sit through appointments good and bad. He knows what it’s like to try to schedule appointments both successfully and unsuccessfully, and he knows the best tools and practices to close sales. Jeff Pitta knows what it means to have the best FMO, and he knows what it’s like to work full-time as an insurance agent, so he and his team at Senior Market Advisors know how to best help you.

2. We’ll Split Your Marketing Costs

In your first year with SMA, we’ll completely reinvest in your marketing costs. Through the rest of your time with us, we’ll split your costs and help you pay for everything from business cards to lead-generating mailings. We’ll do most of the lead generation work for you, so you can spend more time doing what you do best – taking care of your clients.

3. We Have The Newest Technologies 

Though Jeff Pitta started Senior Market Advisors (formerly Continental Health Alliance) in 2007, we’re always updating our tools and practices to fit the constantly changing health care market. Our new eContracting system will allow you to contract with multiple carriers electronically, all from the comfort of your own home. Our Custom CRM integrated systems will keep you organized and prevent leads from getting lost in the mix. They’ll also make sure you get paid the high commissions you deserve, on time.

Does Your FMO Look Like Us?

4. You’ll Earn Top-Tier Commissions 

We’ll give you all the tools you need to close as many sales as possible and earn top-tier commissions. Our lead crediting program will reward you for generating your own leads with free marketing tools and efforts to help you gain even more leads and close a larger percentage of sales.

5. We’re Serving The Underserved Without Bias

We’re the best FMO because our bias-free, multiple-carrier model allows us to truly serve the underserved. We are serving underserved agents by providing them with tools and practices that no one else can, and we are serving underserved clients by allowing our agents to help them select plans they actually need instead of those that will make more money.

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Still not convinced? Speak to one of our highly qualified Agency Advisors to get more questions answered and discuss what signing on will mean for you. Call 1-844-452-5020 now.