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What Does Transparency Mean To You?

Business Development, Customer Retention, General, Sales October 19, 2016 0

What Does Transparency Mean To You? What does transparency mean to you? Transparency in business equates to visibility or accessibility of information for clients and consumers. Merriam-Webster defines transparency in part as honest and open; not secretive; free from pretense or deceit. “Honest and open — not secretive — free from pretense or deceit” –  Merriam-Webster  For some […]

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Our Code Of Integrity

Business Development, Field Marketing Organization, General October 13, 2016 0

Our Code Of Integrity Senior Market Advisor’s mission is to serve the under-served senior adult population. Our code of integrity ensures that we will serve this senior adult population with dignity, honor, and respect. We promise to place the client’s interest above our own. How Do We Define Integrity? According to Jeff Pitta, CEO & Founder of […]

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