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Business Tools To Impress Clients | Senior Market Advisors

There are thousands of available business tools to impress clients. Come into meetings with personalized gear and professional-grade materials to convince clients that you are who they should buy from. In any industry, but especially in our health care world, relationships are everything. Clients need to feel comfortable talking to you and need to trust that you know how to do your job well. Having tools like these can help you appear more professional and ready to serve.

Alternative Cards – Consider crafting cards other than typical business cards. When you leave a meeting with a client, leave behind plenty of business cards, but also leave one or two informative cards. One idea is to put together an “appointment card,” kind of like these reminder cards, with room for brief notes. Have basic information including what the appointment was about (you’ll know in advance thanks to legally required Scope of Appointment forms) and your name and number. Make it at least the size of an index card or bigger – 3×5 or even 5×6, and leave blank lines so you can jot down what was accomplished in the meeting. Your client can stick it on their fridge and have something to look at later in case they need a quick reminder of what you did for them.

Vistaprint – If you haven’t experienced the world of Vistaprint yet, you’re missing out. It’s the number one spot on the web for business cards, but they have countless other useful products that you may want to look through. Design your own flyers, personalize your stamps and envelopes, buy hundreds of pens with your name and number that you can hand out, snag some bumper stickers and magnets to leave behind with your clients – the options are endless. Vistaprint


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Personalized Carrying Gear – If you’re carrying a brief case, tote bag, or computer bag to all of your appointments, you should be using a professional bag. It can be as simple as a leather computer bag or as complicated as a roller bag with your name on it. Websites like Vistaprint, 4imprint,, and even Brookstone offer briefcase personalization. Your clients will be much more impressed if you pull your laptop out of a sleeve with your name on it than if you pull it out of a sleeve with your favorite sports team’s logo.

Leather Portfolio – A portfolio that looks like this Brookstone model can go a long way in keeping you organized while looking professional. Additionally, taking hand-written notes gives off a more attentive impression than typing notes on your computer does. Having a neat portfolio with a built-in notepad makes it easy for you to take all the notes you need while listening to your clients.

Available at Brookstone


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Business Card Holders – Pulling a wad of bent cards from your pocket or wallet will never look as professional as pulling crisp and clean cards from your business card carrier! Some business card retailers like Vistaprint offer cheap, plastic boxes that you can personalize. Even the plastic looks great, but if you’re willing to splurge you can look no further than Amazon, Brookstone, or your favorite leather retailer for a fancier option.

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