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Looking for extra marketing support? SMA Storefront is your one-stop shop for all your marketing needs! Use SMA’s Agent Storefront to customize generic marketing materials like posters, mailers, flyers, rack cards and business cards!

Agent Training

We offer online continuing education courses and sales techniques developed for agents by agents to help your agency grow. Our courses are strategically designed to set you up for optimal success.


We have spent 2019 building our Salesforce infrastructure to support our agents and agency partners in 2020. COMING SOON: You will have an account through Salesforce communities where you can access your leads, sales reports, ready to sell reports, submit a case or inquiry and more!

Application Scrubbing

Eliminate application errors with the SMA application scrubbing service! Ensure every paper application is fully and accurately filled out before submission to the carrier.

Provider Relationships

We bring together the Agent, Carrier, and Provider to speak with a common goal by creating customizable health-related messaging tailored to the patient’s needs. How does this help you? You can partner with these providers to create a referral network.


If you’re an insurance agent looking to contract with multiple carriers, allow us to introduce…! Using our custom-built e-Contracting site couldn’t be easier! In about 10 minutes you can digitally begin contracting with multiple carriers.


Our carrier relationships provide some of the highest possible contract levels available meaning you’ll be paid top-tier commissions. We use APL ensuring you are paid timely and accurately from every carrier.

Consumer-Centric Structure

The new structure is based on our customer needs and offers the most consumer-centric model in the industry. By listening to our customers, we built a structure less focused on departmental needs and shifted the focus to the customer experience.

Lead Generation

Struggling to generate your own leads? SMA generates leads for our agents in variety of ways! We receive leads from our trusted carrier partners, we can host CMS-approved events in your area and design, print, and mail marketing materials from our in-house print shop


Our experienced in-house marketing team generates interest and produces qualified leads through direct mail, digital marketing, email marketing, and social media to attract new business

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