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The Value Of A Great Field Marketing Organization

By  Senior Market Advisors  on December 8, 2017

The Value Of A Great Field Marketing Organization

Coauthored by Rena Clevenger, SMA Territory Manager – Houston, Dallas, Lubbock  

Recently, my friend forwarded me an email that she received from her FMO. It read, “As we wind down the AEP clock, it’s time for YOU to start planning your SEP marketing strategy…identify new ways to generate leads during AEP…order some mailers…etc.” I bet she would have preferred to receive an email that read, “As we wind down the AEP clock, your FMO Territory Development Manager and Marketing Team have been working hard to identify dental and medical providers who are looking for independent agent referral partners.”

At Senior Market Advisors (SMA), we like to say that a large part of an agent’s marketing strategy should be based on the help he can get from his FMO. By the time SEP hits you each year, you’re probably in an “exhaustive shock” from working hard during AEP. You probably haven’t even thought about SEP marketing. Without a dedicated marketing team there to help with prospecting and lead generation, you have an empty pipeline. You would have to spend at least a month preparing before you could generate SEP business, and another few months before you received financial gains! SMA was built to solve these issues.

We are determined to put the “marketing” back in FMO. Our brokers see us as their “back office marketing department.” Our Territory Development Managers are working hard to provide marketing strategies (social media, direct mail, etc.), provider connections, referral optimization techniques, training, and sales support. Our services are not limited to AEP. We want our brokers to stay engaged and focused on the task at hand all year long.

SMA also offers an “Engaged Broker” program. Our Engaged Brokers are appointed to several MA/MAPD plans through several carriers. They are willing to participate in training and will comply with certain campaign requirements. They are excited about prospecting and know the significance of persistence and consistency. They are constantly looking for new information about their industry and are producing quality, long-term business. They produce the kind of business that has their clients saying, “Don’t go there, call my agent! My agent cares about my well-being.”

If you’re as excited about our organization as we are, you can come onboard at any time. Visit to get started with your contracting process. If you want to learn more first or if you have questions, watch our informative video and give us a call at 1-844-452-5020.