Episode 13

3-30-60-90 – A Guide to Client Retention

In Episode 13, we give you a guide to client retention. We also analyze the challenges new technology can bring to healthcare. Listen and learn why some people say Amazon’s Alexa’s bedside manners are bad for the healthcare industry. There are pros and cons to all new developments and this episode we focus on some […]

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Episode 12

2020 AEP Preparation Checklist

In Episode 12, we discuss 2020 AEP Preparation and the features of Anthem’s new AI-driven member app called K Health. K Health uses years of anonymous health data to offer members answers to simple questions related to their health. Members can also chat with doctors via the app. Next we dive into AEP preparation. SMA put […]

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Episode 11

Understanding Power of Attorney

In Episode 11, we talk about Power of Attorney, and continue our deep dive into a few disruptive technologies in the healthcare space. This week we discuss rideshare apps and how they are changing the way people get to and from their healthcare appointments. It’s important to understand Power of Attorney in the Medicare sales […]

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Episode 10

Why Sell Medicare Supplement Plans

In Episode 10, Sarah and Jessica focus on the benefits of Medicare Supplement, Amazon’s Alexa, and how voice assistants are disrupting the healthcare industry. While there are many ways Amazon’s Alexa can help beneficiaries with their healthcare needs now and in the future, there are also privacy and data breach concerns. We break down the […]

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Episode 9

Why Sell Medicare Advantage

In Episode 9, we talk about all the benefits of Medicare Advantage and why you should be selling it. We start by discussing the lack of dental coverage across the Medicare-eligible population. Since Original Medicare does not cover dental, many beneficiaries go without coverage. This includes over two-thirds of all Medicare beneficiaries! One way these […]

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Episode 8

Setting Up a Sales Event

In Episode 8, Sarah and Jessica talk about how to set up a successful sales event. They also discuss the recent insulin price increases and its effect on Medicare beneficiaries. Insulin prices have continued to rise, and many Medicare beneficiaries struggle to pay for their out-of-pocket costs. It’s important to understand the price increases so […]

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Episode 6

Selling Final Expense

We begin Episode 6 with a quick overview of the changes that CMS has made to the policies surrounding Medicare Part D plans. The Opioid Crisis has affected the entire country, including Medicare beneficiaries. CMS recognized opioid abuse within the Medicare-eligible population and has updated their policies to combat it. We spend the first few […]

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Episode 5

Setting SMART Goals

Episode 5 is a forward-looking episode focused around setting smart goals and planning for the future! We start by discussing some of the trends happening with the Medicare-eligible population like updates in technology, social habits, and living changes. As the industry grows and changes, it’s important to focus on your plans for the future to […]

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Episode 4

Overcoming Sales Objections

In Episode 4, we talk about the transition from OEP to SEP. Learn about the Medicare Special Enrollment Period and how you can assist beneficiaries during this time of the year. We also discuss overcoming objections in sales when out in the field! Our very own Tori Buckman joins us to share her insight and […]

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