Medicare Plan Finder Tool: What’s Changed? – Ep. 17

Episode 17 discusses the latest update to the Medicare Plan Finder Tool on Medicare.gov. As you may have heard, this tool has been significantly altered with AEP right around the corner. Find out what exactly has been changed and why agents everywhere are talking about it.  As we go through all of the Medicare Plan...

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SMA AEP Kickoff: LIVE Recording – Ep. 16

Join us for the Senior Market Adivors AEP Kickoff event in Nashville, TN! Episode 16 is different from all previous podcast episodes! We are proud to present our first podcast on the go! Sarah and Jessica set up the podcast at Topgolf where Senior Market Advisors hosted a select group of agents across Tennessee and...

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How to Market Yourself on Social Media – Ep. 15

Episode 15 is all about how to market yourself on social media. By subscribing to this podcast, you’ll also get access to our e-Book titled: “Social Media Marketing for Insurance Agents” which goes into greater detail on how to market yourself using social media.  We begin this episode by discussing something exciting that FitBit has...

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4 Sales Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeeper – Ep. 14

 Podcast Episode 14 Transcription: Sarah: Welcome to Selling SMART with Sarah Smith…. Jessica: And Jessica Vara! Sarah: In today’s episode we are going to talk about how the healthcare industry is working to use technology as a way to detect evidence of dementia. We also go through four sales tips to get past the...

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3-30-60-90 – A Guide to Client Retention – Ep. 13

In Episode 13, we analyze the challenges new technology can bring to healthcare. We discuss why some people say Amazon’s Alexa’s bedside manners are bad for the healthcare industry. There are pros and cons to all new developments and this episode we focus on some of the criticisms and concerns of new devices.  Later in...

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2020 AEP Preparation Checklist – Ep. 12

In Episode 12, we discuss the features of Anthem’s new AI-driven member app called K Health. K Health uses years of anonymous health data to offer members answers to simple questions related to their health. Members can also chat with doctors via the app. Next we dive into AEP preparation. SMA put together a preparation checklist...

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