Episode 4: Overcoming Objections

In Episode 4, we talk about the transition from OEP to SEP. Learn about Special Enrollment Period and how you can assist beneficiaries during this time of the year. We also go over how to overcome objections when out in the field! Our very own Tori Buckman joins us to share her insight and conduct a...

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Episode 3: Assumptive Close

In Episode 3, we discuss some of the changes to the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines for 2019. CMS now differentiates between what is considered communication and what is considered marketing and it’s important that you understand the difference. We also go over the sales technique, Assumptive Close! Feel like you’re having trouble closing the...

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Episode 2: SEP & Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

Episode 2 is focused around the change from OEP to SEP and how that will affect your lead generation and sales numbers. With that in mind, in Episode 2, we begin by discussing the importance of SEP. As you probably already know by now, most of your business is done during AEP. But just because...

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Episode 1: SMART Selling with Senior Market Advisors

  Thank you for subscribing to Selling Smart with Senior Market Advisors! SMA knows that as agents, you are always on the go so we figured, what better way to keep you informed and inspired than to launch a podcast!

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