Selling SMART with Senior Market Advisors – Ep. 1

Thank you for subscribing to Selling Smart with Senior Market Advisors! SMA knows that as agents, you are always on the go so we figured, what better way to keep you informed and inspired than to launch a podcast!

Episode 1 is a short one. Our hosts start by laying the ground work of why we decided to launch this podcast. At Senior Market Advisors, our missions is to “serve the underserved” and that included both the agent AND the consumer. This notion permeates everything we do which is why we wanted to offer another way to bring you great, relevant sales content, on the go!

Our goal with the Selling SMART with SMA podcast is to educate you, the agent, on sales techniques and other Medicare-related content and to inspire you with motivational stories in a fun and conversational way! We will begin each episode with an overview of current events in the Medicare-insurance industry. Then we will discuss a Medicare-related topic like sales strategies, carrier updates, new products and benefits and more!

Every episode we’ll end on a positive note. We’ll feature motivational feel-good stories submitted to us from agents in the field. Why do you get up every morning and serve your community? What are some of the ways you handle non-sales days? How do you get re-motivated? Whatever, your motivational story, we’d love to share it!

Want to be featured on the podcast? Look for  “Share Your Story” under the Contact Us tab and send us your motivational stories or email us at

Podcast #1 – Introducing the Selling SMART with Senior Market Advisors Podcast Transcript

Sarah: Welcome to Selling SMART with Sarah Smith….

Jessica: And Jessica Vara!

Sarah: We are both on the Multimedia team at Senior Market Advisors or SMA for short and we’ve never tackled a podcast before, and we are really excited about this. We’re hoping you guys are as excited as we are so we are just going to dive right in and see where this goes!

Jessica: So I guess why don’t you tell everybody just who we are and why we are starting this podcast.

Sarah: Senior Market Advisors is a Field Marketing Organization or FMO. We do the marketing for insurance agents (specifically Medicare insurance agents). One thing that’s special about us is SMA was literally developed by insurance agents, for insurance agents.

Our CEO was an agent himself years ago, and felt like the FMO model was broken. He didn’t feel supported by his FMO and he also felt like his clients weren’t supported either. He felt like their priorities were in the wrong place, focused on themselves and making money rather than focused on providing quality service to their agents and in turn, focused on actually helping seniors. So he opted to start his own agency and SMA was born!

Jessica: Yay SMA! Yeah and that really has permeated everything that Senior Market Advisors does. Our mission is to Serve the Underserved and that includes both the agent and the consumer.

Sarah: Yeah and going along with that, we want to make sure we as a company are always providing agents an easy way to gain knowledge and inspiration for selling. We do a lot of webinars and have online trainings, but we also know that you guys are in the car A LOT driving so we figured, what better way to give you guys another way to enjoy great content than launch a podcast.

Jessica: That’s why we are so excited to announce our brand new podcast! SMA is always looking for ways to disrupt the marketplace. Medicare isn’t always the most fun, it can be kind of dry sometimes. So our main goal is to make sure that this is something that’s entertaining as well as educational and something that you will want to put on in the car as you drive from meeting to meeting and hopefully we will keep you awake. This isn’t going to be a regular podcast, we want to make it really conversational and fun and laid-back. We want to make this fun so you don’t fall asleep at the wheel driving in your car! 

Sarah: Our goal with this podcast is to provide agents like you an overview of what’s going on in the industry right now, go over sales techniques and Medicare-related topics and end with some motivation to keep you focused on why you do what you do.

Jessica: So today’s podcast is a short one. We just wanted to start out by going over who we are, why we are doing this and give an overview of what you can expect with each episode. So we will be “ending every episode on a positive note.” Today we wanted to share with you our favorite quotes that we try to live our lives by. 

A quote that I really try to live by is: Be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud. – Maya Angelou (Jessica to talk about her quote)

Sarah: That is literally you in a nutshell. One quote I really try to live by is Inhale the Future. Exhale the Past. Sometimes it can really easy to dwell on something negative that’s happened and focus too much on what you have done or should have done. But it’s important to let the negativity go and look forward to tomorrow. Plan for a better day, set some goals and get excited for what’s to come!

Jessica: Alright guys, that concludes episode one of Selling SMART with Senior Market Advisors. We hope you are excited for what’s to come!

Sarah: Yes, next week we will be going over SEP since it approaching fast, and with that, we will be talking about Low-Income Subsidies. We will go over the basics of LIS and how to qualify beneficiaries. And of course, we will end with some motivational stories! 

Jessica: Thanks for joining us this week! Want to be featured in Ending on A Positive Note? Send your motivational stories to If you liked this podcast, we want to hear from you! Interested in learning more about Senior market Advisors? Give us a call at 844-334-6066.