Episode 2: SEP & Low Income Subsidy (LIS)

Episode 2 is focused around the change from OEP to SEP and how that will affect your lead generation and sales numbers. With that in mind, in Episode 2, we begin by discussing the importance of SEP. As you probably already know by now, most of your business is done during AEP. But just because AEP is over and OEP is nearing close, doesn’t mean you can’t still help beneficiaries get the coverage they deserve!

Since most Medicare-eligible individuals don’t qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, it’s important for you to get creative with your lead generation techniques! One group of individuals who are eligible to enroll in plans outside of Annual Enrollment are the Dual Eligible population. Dual-eligible individuals also qualify for Low-Income Subsidies!

This brings us to our next topic… Low-Income Subsidies, also known as the Extra Help Program. LIS helps beneficiaries save on their prescription drug costs. In this episode, we break down what LIS is, how to qualify beneficiaries for LIS and how to plan an event to generate LIS leads.

Finally, we end this week’s episode with feel-good stories from the hosts, Sarah and Jessica, so you can get to know them a bit better! Want to be featured on the podcast? Look for  “Share Your Story” under the Contact Us tab and send us your motivational stories!