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How To Build Partnerships

By  Senior Market Advisors  on October 23, 2017

How To Build Partnerships

Relationships are the key to building your business and boosting your sales. Building partnerships with dental offices, physicians, and pharmacies is a great way to create mutually beneficial, business-boosting relationships. You’ll both earn leads, and you’ll help patients gain the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions about their health care.

Step one: Find providers.

The first step is finding providers in your area that are able and willing to partner with you. Carriers all provide lookup tools

How To Build Partnerships | Senior Market Advisors

so you can see what providers in your area accept the products you’re selling. To narrow down your search, look for providers that you know your clients use. Also, look for offices that are in low-income areas, because you’re more likely to generate leads from those patients. On the same token, look for offices that seniors and Medicare elibiles frequent – that may be based on location, like offices near senior establishments or public transportation.

Step two: Make your pitch.

When you want to convince a business to work with you, it’s best to build a relationship first. Come dressed professionally, come on time if you have an appointment, smile, and be polite – first impressions are everything! Don’t forget to be mindful of their time – especially if you see that the phone is ringing or there is a waiting room full of patients. Keep your presentation quick and to the point.



Start by introducing yourself. Walk up to the receptionist or whoever is behind the counter, and give them a

30-second or less spiel on who you are and what you do. Then, try to focus on their needs instead of your own. Mention that a partnership will help grow their business. Ask questions about their practice (how many patients they see, how many doctors or pharmacists they have, how many of their patients use Medicare, do they see dual-eligible patients, how do they market, what other plans do they service, etc.). Then, explain how you can help them by offering their patients health care to help them pay for services and by directing your existing clients to their office.

Step three: Leave materials.

When you leave the provider’s office, you can’t just walk out and expect them to call you right away. Make sure you leave behind branded materials and contact information. Prepare a flyer or brochure that states how you’re helping providers and how providers are helping you, indirectly helping patients. Leave those materials with whoever you meet with so they can look back on them later. Finally, if and when the provider agrees to partner with you, ask if you can leave behind flyers, brochures, branded pens, business cards, or other marketing materials with your name on them in their waiting area.

Step four: Take notes

By leaving materials behind and leading a great discussion, you can only hope that the providers you speak with are taking notes that will lead them to their final decision to partner with you. You should be doing the same thing. Jot down answers to your questions and details about the provider – everything from where they’re located to how many carriers they service. All the information you gather can help you later when you follow-up.

Step five: Follow-up

In building partnerships, constant contact is key. Always be sure to follow-up with a friendly phone call or email and stay in touch. Remember that a hand-written thank you note can go a long way in showing that you care about building the partnership. Thank them for their time and remind them that you’ll be recommending patients that are in their carrier network. Ask them to provide feedback on how you can better serve them, and keep them updated every time you refer a patient. Offer to buy the office lunch, or ask if you can host a seminar about Medicare at their practice.

Good luck with your partnership endeavors! Senior Market Advisors can help you build your marketing materials and get your foot in the door. To get started, call one of our advisors at 1-844-452-5020.