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How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

By  Senior Market Advisors  on March 5, 2018

How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

The insurance industry never “turns off.” People always need health care and always have questions. It’s hard to work from nine to five alone. However, you have a life to return to at the end of the day – so how do you find that healthy work-life balance? Generally, people who find it are happier, work harder during the day and become better coworkers, spouses, parents, and friends to those around them.

Figure Out What Matters

The first step to developing a healthy work-life balance is figuring out what matters most to you. Do you value your alone time or family time most? Do you prefer to have your mornings or your evenings to yourself? If possible, schedule your work hours around your needs at home. For example, try working 8 to 4 instead of 9 to 5 if you prefer to have more free time in the evenings.  If you feel like you need to break up your day, consider working longer hours but taking an extra long lunch to go to the gym or relax.

Establish Boundaries

Once you set your work schedule, try to keep it! Know when your work hours are so that you can focus on your family, friends, hobbies, and home life during the rest of the day.

Try to keep your work at work. Don’t answer work calls while you’re having dinner with your family. Close your laptop while you’re watching a movie and trying to relax. The more you keep your inbox open, the less you’ll feel like you’re enjoying life outside of your work.

Don’t Rush

There will be times where you have a long to-do list and you want to rush through things, but rushing can ultimately slow you down. When you rush through things, you risk missing small details and having to go through your work again. If you have projects that don’t need to be done today, work through them at an even pace. You can finish tomorrow.

Just work until your established workday boundary, then go home, relax, and enjoy your evening.