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Why Direct Mail Is Still Important

By  Senior Market Advisors  on April 23, 2018

Why Direct Mail Is Still Important

One of the biggest benefits to working with Senior Market Advisors (SMA) is that we have our very own in-house print shop. Every year, we churn out well over one million pieces of mail as a lead-generating strategy – and it works. You may wonder how direct mail can still be important when we have so many technologies at our fingertips. We generate leads through digital methods (like from our website and social media lead forms) too, but direct mail remains one of the most effective. Why?

Seniors and Medicare Eligibles Like It

Direct mail is not going to phase out for at least another 50 years, thanks to older generations. Today’s seniors grew up without easy access to social media and the internet. They’re often more trusting of paper correspondence than digital.

It Stands Out

If seniors and Medicare eligibles have smartphones and are using social media, they’re flooded with ads from other companies. Less and less modern companies and organizations are using direct mail marketing methods, which means people’s mailboxes are less flooded with advertisements, which means our ads can stand out.

Plus, it’s easy to scroll past an ad on Facebook. With physical advertisements, you have to at least look at it long enough to decide whether you want to read it or throw it out.

Everything Connects

Even though most of our useful content (informational blogs, videos, contact information, etc.) is online, physical advertisements can drive consumers to get there. Seniors and Medicare eligibles may not have heard of us yet but may see our card in the mail and decide to check out our website. All forms of media can connect in the sales process.

Plus, it doesn’t really matter if the piece falls into the wrong person’s hands. On social media, your ad will only go to the people you want it to go to. For example, if you run an ad and ask Facebook to show it to people who are interested in Medicare, it will ONLY go to people interested in Medicare on Facebook. If you mail a physical piece to somebody’s home, anybody in the household can see it and can pass it on to someone else.

We Lower Costs

We are able to complete all of our direct mail campaigns in-house, which saves thousands in fees. Those savings allow us to send more mail, bringing in more leads. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our lead generating tools, our customizable marketing materials, and our reimbursement programs, click here to get in touch with us.