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Create Your Own Post-Sales Appointment Plan

By  Senior Market Advisors  on January 10, 2018

Create Your Own Post-Sales Appointment Plan

What do you do after you leave an appointment with a client? Do you take notes? Do you take a break? Do you forget about them until next year? It’s important that you have a post-sales appointment plan to boost your client retention rates!

Having a plan does not mean you need a ten-step process, but it means you should have an idea of what to do next to keep your clients coming back. Consider this plan:

  1. Set up a follow-up appointment
  2. Put their information into your CRM system
  3. Leave yourself notes about their health care and finances so you can tailor your next appointment with them to fit their needs.
  4. Send a thank-you card with your contact information attached

Your clients probably receive emails, phone calls, and direct mail from several different agents, FMOs, and carriers. You need to stand out from them! Once you meet with a client once, you want that client to know that you can be their agent for as long as they need help. It’s not a one-time deal. Make sure your clients are aware that they should direct all of their Medicare questions to you, not their plan carrier, and that you are the liaison between them and their health coverage.

Follow-Up Appointments

The best way to make sure a client keeps coming back is to set up your next appointment before you leave your first one. That way, your client won’t have a reason to set up an appointment with another agent – they already know you’ll be back to help them more! If the client does not want to set the appointment right away, be sure to call them in a week or two to check in on them and ask if they’re ready to meet with you again.


Using a CRM system (or even just a spreadsheet of your own creation) is vital to keeping your client information safe and secure in one database. It’s a great way for you to check back later and remind yourself what you covered in the appointment, what you sold them, and how you may be able to help them more in the future! Be sure to take notes during your appointments, then input your notes into your CRM system right away so you don’t lose track of any information.

Thank You Cards

Phone calls and emails are great, but no one sends thank you cards and letters anymore! Doing so will allow you to stand out from the crowd and increase the line of trust between you and your clients. It won’t take too much longer than an email or phone call, and your clients will appreciate the effort. In your letter or card, remind your clients that they can reach out to you, not the carrier, with questions.

If you have neat enough handwriting, a handwritten note can go a long way!

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